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Wine, Dine, & Party! (Part 2) - The Road to Toronto!!!

Many of you may or may not know I'm here in Toronto now, arriving just a week ago on Thursday.  I do hope I'll have some exciting stories to share of my adventure, but first I must cover my journey leading up to my departure from Ireland.....  Which consisted of seeing many people for meal, drinks, party or what not!!!  

What's cooking, Mr Miah....?Working with the 2008 TEAM Jumping on My Shadow crowd would certainly be one of my most ...Read more

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Wine, Dine, & Party! (Part 1)

I had wanted to do a blog specifically on my trip to Hong Kong last month (which seems like ages ago now....  So miss the place....  ), but so much has been happening and I've been kept busy since my return to (and departure from!) Ireland, particularly on a social level.  I thought I would share with some of the eventful evenings (and mornings) I've had in Hong Kong, Ireland, and beyond!!!  

Wedding DelightRead more

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"Crib of Death" Teaser Trailer

Well I am delighted to share with my fellow AnD-ers the 1st teaser trailer to Tequila Mockingbird Productions' short kung fu action comedy, Crib of Death. 

I have not yet made this official to the public, but would love to hear some opinions and feedback from the people on Alive not Dead first.

The trailer runs for under 40 seconds, and I hope you enjoy it! Vide...Read more

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"Crib of Death" : It's a wrap!

Well it took it's time, but I'm glad to announce principle photography for Tequila Mockingbird Productions' Crib of Deathhas finally wrapped!!!

Crib of Deathis a short action kung fu comedy which I have been heavily involved in, a project which I co-wrote and co-produced as well as playing the main lead and acting as fight/action choreographer.  It has been tough challenging work, with the micro low/no budget production running over schedule than e...Read more

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Entering the "Crib of Death" - Rehearsals

First and foremost, I would honestly consider myself an actor with martial arts abilities rather than a martial artist who can act, even though I started out in Tae Kwon Do before I dabbled in anything to do with acting.  I had stressed a number of times though I never seem to be able to demonstrate any of my fighting skills onscreen much at all.  Especially in Ireland, chances for such projects involving action or martial arts to come around are slim to none!

It's been a long time coming but I ...Read more

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Smoking for "Jed Wood"...!!!

It baffles me at times when some people say the reason they took up smoking is because it's cool and you look cool in doing so....    Hmmm sure, you see your idols on screen puffing away on a cigarette and they do tend to make it somewhat more glamorous than it may actually be.  But for those who want to be 'cool', is it really worth taking up such habit (a recognised addictive one too) just to imitate the stars that you see...? Read more

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Officially (2nd time!) off the TEAM van, into "The Clinic"!

So my second spell on tour with TEAM Educational Theatre Company's Jumping On My Shadow has come to an end.  There were its ups and downs, but overall there was good fun to be had.  I really enjoyed working with the new cast and it was nice to relive the role of Josip once more....

But what's important here is, now the show has finished on Thursday 4th June...  We had our wrap party on the night with dinner & drinks on the company!!!! Woohoo!!! Read more

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Princess-D 1st Birthday!

No just in case the title might suggest, this ain't the anniversary of Sylvia Chang & Alan Yuen's co-directed efforts "Princess-D" which starred Daniel Wu, Anthony Wong, and Angelica Lee.  Instead, it's our very own Wai family's little princess - my dear niece - Dervla's 1st birthday on 10th May! 

A ho...Read more

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Getting the Clare picture... (Part 2)

FOOD, BOOZE, PARTY MAKES A HAPPY TEAM!!!In a self-catering house, we were all responsible for the cooking and each night we have one different person making the dinner for the whole cast.  What follows is the various preparation and dinners over the week.

...Read more

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Getting the Clare picture... (Part 1)

One thing I enjoy working on a touring show is that I get to see a lot more of the countryside that I usually wouldn't have the opportunity to see.  So working on TEAM's Jumping on My Shadow has brought the company and me for the first time to county Clare in Ireland.  We were to stay in Co. Clare for the week arriving Sunday 8th - Friday 13th March, taking our show to various locations in the west coast.

Courteous to our stage/touring production manager, Baz Nugent found us a nice accomodation in Ennis ...Read more

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