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Journey through Movember....

So November flew by at a glance and we are already couple days shy from Christmas.  I suppose I owe it to my supporters and those generous enough to have sponsored me during my Movember madness to provide an account (and evidence!) of my attempt of growing a mustache for the charitable cause....

Without further adieu, you shall find the various stages of the (somewhat) growth and progress of my facial hair ....

Movember 10th, 2011: Only 10 days in, and the duties of a mustache bearer already wears on Alan....

Movember 14th, 2011:Beginning to feel content with the bit of fluff above his lips....

Movember 18th, 2011:  Starting to get a bit of comfortable and signs of manliness with the mustache....

Movember 23rd, 2011: It's starting to get annoying again, but gotta grin and bear it with a smile....

Movember 28th, 2011: Growing a mustache can be a difficult job.  You may even lose sleep in the process....

Movember 30th, 2011 (3:40pm): The final full day for wearing the mustache.  But that "mo" ain't coming off till after attending Hong Kong's Official Movember Party held at Kila's Irish Bar in Soho, Central...!!!

Celebrating Movember with fellow "Hong Kong Tosh" team member and captain, Matthew Wilkinson (left), and our friend and colleague, Alan "Tarazan" Brown (right).

With my Mo'Sista, Sarah "Sexy" Tracey.

Here with my fellow Irish MoBro, Dave Tobin dressed as the legendary Freddie Mercury![](/attachments/2011/12/24/02/93921_201112240246221.thumb.jpg)

"Hong Kong Tosh" making some noise and being 'chock' in Kila Bar...!!!

Although our team did not raise a ground breaking amount, we were very pleased with what we have received for this charity and great cause.  We would like to thank everyone that had contributed and supported us throughout the campaign.

In fact, I actually came away from the Movember party in Kila Irish Bar as an Official Hong Kong Award Winning Momember for my efforts...!!!!! 

What the title of my Award is.... (ahem...)  I guess you need not know....   But the shaving lotion certainly will come in handy the following morning....

Post-Movember 2011: Off with the mustache, and a bit from the top...!!![](/attachments/2011/12/24/02/93921_201112240258291.thumb.jpg)

Thank you once again for those that have followed and support through out my Movember adventure!  If I am feeling brave enough, may I repeat the whole journey again in 2012....

Peace & Best Wishes,


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