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Projects revealed in 2014 and "Wing Chun" strikes over 1 million!

A long absent from Alive not Dead, mainly preoccupied with work and various events in my life, but I hope all is good and well with each and everyone of you AnD'ers out there and you are all having a splendid 2014 thus far!Here's a quick rundown on various projects I've been involved in and other things going on in my life the past year:Chinese triads and Russia Mafia battles power in Hong KongI had the pleasure to be involved in this Hong Kong indie action thriller (honorary title of   in Russian), written and directed by Philippe Joly ( ), who also stars in the movie.  A tale of Chinese triads versus the Russian mafia set in Hong Kong, Philippe managed to round up a host of talented and passionate individuals involved in front of camera and behind the scenes for this ambitious micro-budget production, including actors Andrew Ng ( ), Kirt Kishita ( , Michael Mann's  ), actor/producer Harry Orman, highly skilled Shaolin Kung Fu martial arts talent/actor Tom Caserto, Temur Mamisashvili ( ,  ) who also served as the action director.  The film was shot under the watchful eye of Kamil Janowski, while Youssef Soliman was on board as one of the producers.As with many independent productions on a limited budget, the few shooting days that I was involved in were somewhat grueling at times, with weather conditions, daylight, location environment against us on occasions.  However I believe Philippe, the whole cast and crew pulled off some impressive shots and with real satisfying results.  It was a particular pleasure having to work with Temur, a true gentleman and highly skilled individual who put quite some trust in me during a number of the action and stunts set pieces.Check out the teaser trailer and more info on the production from the movie's official website on the links below.Video: https://vimeo.com/83831097[http://www.vorthefilm.com/](http://www.vorthefilm.com/)Also do check out Lee Batchelor's neat guerrilla filming making documentary and behind the scenes making of.Video: http://vimeo.com/87929485[![](/attachments/2014/03/02/23/93921_201403022343451.thumb.jpg)](/batch.download.php?aid=11378722)(Photos fromFacebook page)In the Name ofAn independent feature film shot in Hong Kong and Russia, reunites much of the team behind  and also marks the directorial debut of Harry Oram, and adding Derrick Fong on board as director of photography (while Kamil Janowski was responsible for shooting the action scenes).  The story revolves around a young innocent Russian country girl (played by Wushu champion, Svitlana Zavialova)who dreams of becoming an actress.  With the support of her grandmother she ventures to Hong Kong to take part in a talent contest for the opportunity to fulfill her dreams.  Once on foreign land, she meets Julian, a failed actor turned stripper (played by Harry Orman), and a middle-aged Russian mafia boss, David (Temur Mimisashvili), who both take a shine to the young Tanyusha and the talents she may not realise she possesses.Once again, it was a pleasure and honour to be invited on board to act opposite and go toe to toe with Temur once more as the young gang member, Ah Fu, looking to overthrow the aging mafia head, David.With a limited time to rehearse and shoot the four versus one rooftop fight scene on the day, the cast and crew did an admirable job and Harry and Temur should be pleased to have a nice exciting little fight scene in the bag (amongst many others featured in this feature!).For more information and updates on , please do follow the project on it's Facebook page.(Photos taken from Facebook page)Looking forI was pleased and honoured to have been invited to take the lead role in Bulgarian film maker, Radoslav Sharapanov's short film, .  Originally intended to be a short documentary to showcase the beauty of Lamma Island, director/writer Radoslav soon turns it into a short tale of a journalist sent to Lamma Island in search of Hong Kong superstar, Chow Yun Fat for an interview.  Unsuccessful in his search for the famous actor, the city reporter finds time to really take in and appreciate the island and it's inhabitants.  Although I might be playing the male lead in this project, make no mistake, the real star certainly is Lamma Island itself as Radoslav and cinematographer Dobrin Kashavelov really made the effort to capture the island at its finest.It was a fun day's shoot working with the two wonderful gentlemen, Radoslav and Dobrin, who both flew in from Bulgaria to make this passion project (of Radoslav's).  And it was nice to work opposite a talented actress, Veronica Lam.(Photos courtesy of Radoslav Sharapanov)Fired up for "The Hit Producer"A good while ago when I stopped over back in Ireland, I had lent my service to my friend, actor/producer Sue Barrett and her film maker partner, director Kevin De la Isa.  I made an appearance in their feature film in development at the time, and some of the footage shot was used to help raise funds for the rest of the production to be made.I was pleased to learn's campaign was successful in raising the funds required to complete the principal photograph.  And more recently so, I was delighted to hear that the feature film is near end of it's post-production.  The latest teaser trailer to the Irish crime thriller can be viewed below.Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3hhpZk1I1ETo stay tune on the latest on you can learn more on it'sofficial websiteand follow the production on theirFacebook page.(Photos taken from 's Facebook page)strikes over 1 million hits!I am pleased to inform that the documentary I was involved in and directed my dear friend, Seamus Walsh has generated over 1 million views on YouTube and continues to grow.  If you haven't seen it yet, please enjoy in its entirety on the link below.  If you have already, why not enjoy it once more!  Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVkjj8568d8Thank you for the continual support!  

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