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3rd February 2009, Eimear's Birthday = Bake Off Tuesday!

On Tuesday, 3rd February it was my friend and fellow cast member from "Jumping on My Shadow", Eimear Morrissey's 26th birthday.  It also happened to have become the day known as "Bake Off Tuesday".....

It all began when our fellow colleague, Aine who has a taste for competition and gambling habits (teehehehe... ) failed in a bet we had in which she was to make me corpse or laugh during rehearsals.  This of course led to a ...Read more

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Donnie Yen??? I Fu-Kin Wish!!!

Anyone that knows me would know how much of a big fan of Donnie Yen I am.  He would be my personal number one idol (up there with Bruce Lee anyway).  I have followed his career ever since I was a little 8 year old, his early collaboration with the legendary Yuen Woo Ping in "Tiger Cage I & II" and "In the Line of Duty IV"really stuck with me and I knew I found myself a hero in Donnie Yen.Read more

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UFC O2 Dublin = Uniting Friends Coming Over 2 Dublin!!!

It has been a busy and eventful week.  It was my first week of rehearsals with TEAM Educational Theatre Company this year alongside a new cast and stage manager.  We also saw yesterday Dublin, Ireland hosting the much-loved UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) at the O2 Arena.  I'm a big fan of the sport and MMA (mixed martial arts), however I didn't get tickets to go see the event as tickets prices were rather expensive (it was sold out eventually) and I imagined I could get a better view at th...Read more

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Xmas at the Wai's

First off, a very Happy New Year to everyone!!!    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  Seems like it's ages ago now, and Christmas 2009 surely is only around the corner... 

I was rather busy over the Christmas period and had been away from the Alivenotdead.com scene not really been up to date with the blogging, however I just wish to share some pictures of Christmas in the Wai household.Read more

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Hoo-roo, Kate!

I met Kate Ferris through my last acting gig.  She was the stage manager of the show I was doing with TEAM Educational Theatre Company, "Jumping on My Shadow",and we worked and toured together for over five months.  She's one cool Aussie gal, very laid back and good at her job, and since then she became a good friend of mine and the rest of the cast members.

Kate is due to return home to Toowoomba, Australia (I hope I got that right now... ) on Wednesday 25th November, so myse...Read more

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One good TEAM deserves another....

The last acting job I did was with TEAM Educational Theatre Company.  I played the principal role of Josip, 'the boy from Nowhere', in the award winning play "Jumping on My Shadow"by Peter Rumney, which toured around Ireland for over 4 months & half months from February to June 2008.

Due to popular demands, TEAM is bringing back "Jumping on My Shadow" for another run from January to June 2009, and the original cast has been approached to reprise their respective roles.

Now be...Read more

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My new website!

Being an actor ain't easy.  Being an IBC (Irish born Chinese - Jackie Chan once called me that, don't cha know! ) actor in Ireland certainly doesn't make anything lighter for you. How often would an Irish production require a Chinese guy these days??? I have been fortunate enough to be working (on and off) in the industry for the past five years, gained some valuable experience. Although I have not yet had that role which I can say I'm completely satisfied with. There has been the fe...Read more

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