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Update: Submissions for LAAPFF Music Video Program

Hey all, thank you so much to those who have submitted music videos to me so far. I’ve received some pretty cool stuff and there’s still a lot to go through!

Here’s an UPDATE: I’d like to see more music videos where I feel like I’m watching a narrative film… where for a moment I actually think I’m watching a movie instead of a music video (here’s a good example from last year’s program… another example would...Read more

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I think I have the flu…

Bleh… I’ve had a scratchy throat for a few days now and was trying to avoid it getting worse by drinking Emergen-C every morning… but alas, I think it’s gotten me. My stomach’s also not feeling well. TMI? Yes. I think so. Grr, I blame it on the week I was freelancing at my old company. That place is a petri dish of germs!!! It kinda reminds me of 30 Rock’s “Flu Shot” episode… the part where Liz starts imagining everyone on the crew is a zombie w/ the flu… oh man, I love how sickly Kenneth looks… it’s scary, haha.

Read more

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Fasting from Facebook

Is freakin’ hard. For me.

I almost feel I need to fast from just being on the Internet altogether! But… baby steps… baby steps…

So why the fast? Well, cuz’ I’ve come to realize how much time I’ve wasted on sites such as Facebook. Here I am… at home… unemployed… and just rotting away in front of my computer. It’s really horrible.

My current goal is to get outta the house everyday and do something productive. I know this is so easy for most people… but with things so slow lately… I feel so unmotivated to do a...Read more

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Call for Music Videos!

Attention music videomakers of Asian / Pacific descent:

The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival is a few months away and I am once again curating the music video program! This year, we are specifically looking for music videos shot on HD / 16:9 format . If you have your video(s) online, please email your link(s) to: grace@peachies.net. Otherwise, please mail a DVD screener to:

Visual Communications

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Fes...Read more

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Happy New Year!

2008 was a good year for me. I turned 25, moved in with the bf, produced a few projects, established some solid relationships with girls, got baptized, quit my job, began exploring new career options, and started hugging my mom (yah, I know it’s sad that I never did before!). I think 2009 is going to be interesting…

New Year’s resolution? I didn’t really make one… but my first goal is to find a commercial agent! If anyone can refer me to one, let me know ;D

In the meantime, I’m freelancing at my old company this week (gott...Read more

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“Words That Define” Shoot

Just wrapped a music vid shoot for my friend Bobby aka Big Phony’s song “Words That Define.” It was directed by our friend, super artsy visionary, Chris Chan Lee. Chris actually shot everything with his own camera… some HD camcorder from Canon~ teeny tiny! The lighting setups were all fairly simple, but I know Chris has “artsy” in mind. I’m really interested in seeing how it all turns out! Oh, a...Read more

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Tatum Jones + FR*A + uStream = LOVE LIVE

My good friends, Tatum Jones, are having a LIVE streaming show + Q&A this Wednesday, December 17 from 7pm to 9pm PST. When the time comes, you can join in on the fun at:
http://futurerockstarsofamerica.com...Read more

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Sushi Zo

Tonight, my friend John took my gfs and I to a sushi joint over in Palms claiming it to be the best sushi in the U.S. Apparently all the fish is imported from Tokyo and other parts of the world. And well, I must say… it was pretty freakin’ delicious.

I’m very picky and I don’t eat a lot of things. This restaurant is cool cuz’ you don’t actually order from a menu. What they do is they go around and ask what you DON’T eat. Mine kinda went something like this:

Me: I don’t eat any shellfish…

SZ: Oh, so no oyster? Clam?Read more

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Hello World

I feel like blogging again. Like real blogging. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been able to do so. Probably becuz’ a part of me felt too exposed.

In the past I’d censor what I wrote. I think that was really unhealthy for me. Cuz’ why should I care what people think? If I really wanted to, I could’ve just written in a personal diary… but I didn’t… and sometimes I wish I did! Oh man, I might have had some interesting memoirs to share later on in life if I had done so (or maybe not. haha).

So I’m just gonna try to keep...Read more

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Extras needed for big WEDDING PALACE scenes!

Come one, come all with your wedding guest attire! We are creating three BIG wedding scenes and need all the HELP we can get to make it look real with your flossy selves.

Dates and Call Times:

Monday, Dec 1 - 12:00 P.M.

Tuesday, Dec 2 - 11:00 A.M.

Wednesday, Dec 3 - 1:00 P.M.

(Attendance to all three days is not necessary. If you can make it to at least one day, that’d be awesome!)

Location and Parking: Wilshire Plaza Hotel

<...Read more
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