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Runyon Canyon

It’s official. I am now a Runyon Canyon junkie averaging 4 times a week. I guess this is what happens when I’m unemployed and fasting from Facebook! Lol. I really need to get some better shoes for hiking though. The steep trail can be scary!

Last week, I tried out Runyon Romp while it was free (it’s now $15/class or $120 for 10 classes)...Read more

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Danny Cho vs. D-Wade

Just spotted my buddy, Danny Cho aka “Kim Jong Il,” on YouTube’s homepage (again!):

Nice one, Danny.

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Fast & Furious

I haven’t seen it yet, but I am just really happy for Justin Lin and how far he has come! Justin, congrats for the record-breaking opening and for being #1 in the Box Office! So awesome.

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’80s Prom Party Pics!

These are just a few of the pics from the ’80s prom bday party… there were sooo many! Mad props to Shinobi Studios for working while we had fun!

“Surprise!”… but not really, since a few peeps had already spoiled it for me~ haha

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4/9/09 - Best in the West / Operation Hideo

Benefit concert for DJ Hideo’s fight with cancer:

More info: djhideo.com or prayforhideo.com

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My Birthday Week

Was a blast! Not only to the past (’80s, rollercoasters, and slumber party), but it was jam-packed with activities!

It all started with a not-so-surprise ’80s prom birthday party for Ray, Vy, and me. Haha, a few people kinda ruined the surprise for me, but it was still fun! Plus, there were a few things about the party that really surprised me, like the whole prom picture setup, certain people who came through, and the amazing vegan cakes! Many thanks to Angela, Becky, Jeannie, Freddy, Ray, Danny, and of course, Daniel!

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GASP I’m on Evil Monito!

Evil Monito! Wow. I’ve known the peeps behind this online gem for awhile now, but I never for the life of me thought I’d be material for them. Thanks to Emily, Sylvia, and Rickey for the love!

Here’s the link to my Q&A: http://evi...Read more

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All You Need is Love

So I’d been wanting to see Across the Universe since I saw the movie posters for it back when it was out in theaters. I finally watched it and I can’t get it out of my head! 33 Beatles songs! Anyway, I think it was a pretty awesome film with so many stylistically different musical scenes. Some of them were pretty bizarre and like “wth” am I tripping on drugs, too? Haha. I liked it.

Speaking of musicals, I must be in musical mode. I watched Sweeney Todd last night. Very, very interesting. I’m not so sure I liked it alth...Read more

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Soy Sauce Drama

I’m talking about the soy sauce commercial I worked on that is currently airing. Here are two blogs that aren’t happy with the commercial:

“Soy Sauce is Love Potion” from Disgrasian

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Marrow March Madness

For those of you who have yet to register to be a bone marrow donor, it’s just gotten easier! You can register online. More info from A3M:

In spirit of March Madness, Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches is starting a small campaign called Marrow March Madness in hope to increase the registrant pool through a new method: the online way.

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