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“Words That Define” Shoot

Just wrapped a music vid shoot for my friend Bobby aka Big Phony’s song “Words That Define.” It was directed by our friend, super artsy visionary, Chris Chan Lee. Chris actually shot everything with his own camera… some HD camcorder from Canon~ teeny tiny! The lighting setups were all fairly simple, but I know Chris has “artsy” in mind. I’m really interested in seeing how it all turns out! Oh, and this time, I’m actually in front of the camera, not behind… I’m really nervous about how I did in my scene though… I think I’m just being self-conscious since I had to look into the camera as if it were my boyfriend~ haha anyway, I’ll shush now.

Pictures! We took lotsa photos on set today… but it’s all on Bobby’s camera, so I’ll have to wait til’ he uploads them onto Facebook so I can steal ‘em and post some up :] For now… here’s one from my crappy BB camera:

It’s time for me to get a new camera. Oh man… after taking a few photos with Bobby’s Canon Digital Rebel… I really, really want one now! Anyone have any wisdom to share about Digital SLRs?

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Uh I prefer Canon digi SLRs...But im more used to them so that might be why. look forward to seeing the video.
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