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Extras and featured roles for WEDDING PALACE!

Casting background talent and featured roles for WEDDING PALACE, a romantic comedy directed by Christine Yoo, starring Brian Tee (”Crash”), Kang Haejung (Oldboy), Bobby Lee (”MADtv”), Steve Park (”In Living Color”), and Margaret Cho.

This is currently filming in Koreatown, Los Angeles through December 9th.

Please email availability and photo(s) to grace@peachies.net


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Need Korean/Asian extras for WEDDING PALACE!

Ok. So now y’all get to find out what I’ve been working on! WEDDING PALACE. Yup. Anyway, I’m actually not working in Casting… just trying to help out! (I’ll have to tell you about what I am working on later… haha)

I know this is super last minute and I prob won’t get any response from this post, but we will need Korean/Asian background talent for upcoming shoot dates anyway!

In case you do see this in time, for tomorrow (11/10), we are looking for:

- 2 Hip Asia...Read more

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Love Grenades

Just wrapped a music vid shoot for the Love Grenades this weekend. Wow. What a looong week and weekend it’s been!

Week… has to do with that new job I got… but I’m not ready to talk about that one yet.

Weekend… oh man, cuz’ of my crazy long week… I had to take most of Friday off to try to prep for the shoot on Saturday. Even with taking time off… I wasn’t able to sleep until near 5am… and so I only got 1 hour of sleep prior to the shoot… oi! Harsh. Saturday morning was really bad. I went to Kinkos first to print out shoot s...Read more

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Dude, what the heck?!

Danny Cho, FM, AND Tatum Jones all have shows tonight!

Which one are you going to?

Read more

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SDAFF weekend recap and MY FIRST CRUSH!!!

So I suck and I totally should’ve been plugging MY FIRST CRUSH (short film I produced for Rocky Jo) at SDAFF… but I guess with the recent quitting of the job and the very recent getting of a new job (which I’ll talk about later…), I just kinda neglected to promote it. Boo.

Anyway, here it is! You can also watch it in Read more

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PPP Caption Contest Winners!


Uttered curtly by girl:

“If your paddle even touches me, I’ll smash your ‘ping pong balls’.”


Girl: “I’ve won 32 matches and have never lost a set. I have smashed dozens of ping pong players across the globe. Once I played a ping pong match for 24 hours straight.”

Guy: “is that spinach stuck in between your teeth?”

Congratulations, Shirley and Daniel ...Read more

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Ping Pong Playa in theaters + GIVEAWAY!

So I’ve plugged this movie before and I’ve said it’s a lot of laughs. Y’all should check it while it’s in theaters!

So who likes ping pong? I’ve got a Ping Pong Playa set for you!
If you want the paddle and ping pong balls pictured above, Read more

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Forbidden Kingdom in stores next week - 9/9/08

I got a nice a little present in the mail today from some industry friends… the special edition DVD for Forbidden Kingdom. Cool. I’ve yet to see it, but I’ve heard positive reviews despite some negative views on the protagonist being Caucasian…

You ever wonder? Is it only Asian Americans who feel so adamantly negative about the whole Caucasian in Asian story issue (i.e. Last Samurai)? Do Asians in Asia care? I wonder sometimes…

Anyway, for those who are both Jet Li and Jackie Chan fans, th...Read more

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International Secret Agents Concert

Sounds like this is going to be a wild evening…




Sept 7th - International Secret Agents Concert

Location: San Gabriel Mission Playhouse

320 South Mission Drive, San Gabriel, CA, 91776

Time: 4:30pm-9:30pm

...Read more

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Attention, filmmakers of Asian Pacific descent!

The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival is now accepting submissions for its 25th anniversary edition set for April 30 through May 7, 2009. The Film Festival, a production of Visual Communications, is the largest event of its kind in the greater Los Angeles area and provides a showcase for feature-length and short works by Asian Pacific American and Asian international cinema artists. Complete entry guidelines will be available at vconline.org starting ...Read more

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