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I think I have the flu…

Bleh… I’ve had a scratchy throat for a few days now and was trying to avoid it getting worse by drinking Emergen-C every morning… but alas, I think it’s gotten me. My stomach’s also not feeling well. TMI? Yes. I think so. Grr, I blame it on the week I was freelancing at my old company. That place is a petri dish of germs!!! It kinda reminds me of 30 Rock’s “Flu Shot” episode… the part where Liz starts imagining everyone on the crew is a zombie w/ the flu… oh man, I love how sickly Kenneth looks… it’s scary, haha.

Anyway! Despite feeling sick, I forced myself to go to an audition today (my first audition of the year! finally. yes. it’s been slow). Improv. I dread improv. But you know what, I actually felt good about it. I have another audition tomorrow~ I just hope I don’t get even more sick tonight!

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You know... I have an improv grou and we're thinking of starting a second group for people wanting to increase their skills... if you're interested, let me know. I think improv is really essential training for acting - AND sustaiining it.
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best of luck. feel better!
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Once you get used to improv it's tons of fun. Was always one of my favorite types of acting practice. Hope you feel better too.
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