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Happy New Year!

2008 was a good year for me. I turned 25, moved in with the bf, produced a few projects, established some solid relationships with girls, got baptized, quit my job, began exploring new career options, and started hugging my mom (yah, I know it’s sad that I never did before!). I think 2009 is going to be interesting…

New Year’s resolution? I didn’t really make one… but my first goal is to find a commercial agent! If anyone can refer me to one, let me know ;D

In the meantime, I’m freelancing at my old company this week (gotta make some cheese!). I also gotta get crackin’ w/ curating my music vid program for this year’s LA Asian Pacific Film Fest in May. I shall post about that soon!

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I'm Christian, non-denominational.
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Sounds like 08 was good, 09 should be even better. Dont you love it when people say "damn this year is looking to be a great year!" when it's like january 2nd...how can you tell after two days? I never get that...anyway good luck with everything. By the way Megan Lam from the SDAFF says hi.
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happy new year dear~
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