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Hello World

I feel like blogging again. Like real blogging. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been able to do so. Probably becuz’ a part of me felt too exposed.

In the past I’d censor what I wrote. I think that was really unhealthy for me. Cuz’ why should I care what people think? If I really wanted to, I could’ve just written in a personal diary… but I didn’t… and sometimes I wish I did! Oh man, I might have had some interesting memoirs to share later on in life if I had done so (or maybe not. haha).

So I’m just gonna try to keep it real. Blog when I can. Not force anything and not hold back any opinions.

shrugs… not sure how long this’ll last. I’ve tried to revive my blogging in the past and it hasn’t been easy. I guess that’s what happens when one gets busy. I dunno. So! Yes. Blah. Here I go…

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