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I so wish I could be at the live finale tomorrow night! These guys are going to win (or the show is seriously rigged).

Vote here!


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My Super Sweet Sixteen

+9 = Quarter Century.
Medusa Lounge this Saturday. Email me for details ;]

The pic above is from high school. For more laughs, here’s an old website of mine…it’s really, really, old: http://geocities.com/superpeachies/

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FR*A x Nylon Pink x Davey Suicide

Wow. I feel nauseous right now. Really not good for me to sleep all weekend and then go pull an all-nighter on a Sunday night before a full week of work! >_Occasionally, I edit videos for FR*A. Here’s my first video for them and Nylon Pink featuring Davey Suicide. I cringe at the quality of the video…but not much one can do with very little time. Ah well, still an interesting interview.

More here: Read more

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Casting Asian American female lead for HELLA

The Producers of JUSTIN LIN’s


The Director of FAR EAST MOVEMENT’s


**AROWANA FILMS presents:


We are looking for an Asian American female 18-30 to play a 21 year old junior college student entrepreneur. This is a female lead opposite a well known Asian American male lead.

The story takes place in the streets of San Francisco. Quick and witty, loud and obnoxious, short tempered ...Read more

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Stella’s Notch

Last night, I was invited to check out a show at the Whiskey in Hollywood. I was able to catch a handful of bands of all different sounds. Some really good, some not so great. My favorite set for the night was Stella’s Notch. The sound was pretty amazing and I wish I had been able to capture some of it on video to share with you all! You can search on YouTube for some, but there aren’t many, cuz’ I guess they are a fairly new band, although the band members are not new to the scene. From what I hear, their lead singer, Melody, was pretty...Read more

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I’m outting that Closet Polar Bear…

So I have this co-worker who my other co-workers and I think is secretly a ninja assassin. Well…she’s not. But! She’s actually a drummer in this really cool ska band called Half Past Two.


I happened to catch an acoustic set of theirs (something very rare for them and perhaps not as high-energy) at 2nd Street Jazz in Little Tokyo not too long ago. I had actually heard their EP before seeing them live and already knew that t...Read more

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Happy Chinese New Year!

I have to admit…I totally didn’t know it was Chinese New Year’s until people started calling me last night to wish a happy one to me. And with all the people “throwing firecrackers” and such at me on Facebook, I should’ve known! My aunt even called and asked why I didn’t join them for dinner last night (yikes).

Anyway, it’s my mom’s fault. She told me it was next week! Pssh. And thus, I had booked a trip for next week up north (thinking I’d be able to collect my red envelopes…haha J/K!). Ah well. It’s always good to get...Read more

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Feel Good Fusion



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a bit overdue…Happy New Year!

I’ve been sick and just really out of it since after my Christmas vacation. Thus, the lack of activity over here.

Anyway! HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! Lots of things to look forward to this year!


P.S. - I think I’m officially addicted to Facebook. I’m on there waaay too often… definitely feeling my carpal tunnel beginning to flare up after playing with all those apps for hours and hours. Ack!

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TALK OF DA BLOCK 4 * Acoustic Christmas!

It’s that time again! Please come out for our 4th year of Talk of da Block! This time we’ll be celebrating the holidays with an all-acoustic lineup.


Big Phony - myspace.com/bigphony

Burning Tree Project<...Read more

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