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<strong>Who is Grace Su aka Peachies?</strong> Many know her as a blogger, others know her as a filmmaker, some know her as an actress, but God knows and she knows, that she is who she is. An "About" page really won't tell you much, but here's a summary anyway:

Back in her college days, Grace jump started her career promoting Asian American films, music, arts, and events on her blog (beginning with BETTER LUCK TOMORROW). Beginning in 2004, Grace started getting various work experience as a PR/licensing intern and a production assistant on various TV/commercial/music video sets. In 2005, she directed <a href="" target="blank">FUTURE ROCK STARS OF AMERICA</a>, a short documentary produced through Visual Communication's Armed With a Camera Fellowship. It was Grace's debut into the film festival circuit, introducing audiences to a movement surrounding Asian American musicians (Far East Movement and Nemo) and their community in Los Angeles. After graduating from UC Santa Cruz, she moved down to Los Angeles in 2006 and began working in post-production. During this time, she also worked on independent creative projects as a producer of sorts. In late 2008, she left editing TV commercials to pursue the indie film road dabbling behind-the-scenes and <a href="" target="blank">in front of the camera</a>.

<strong>Some notable credits:</strong> - <a href="" target="blank">Ain't No Sunshine</a> music video for Tatum Jones (Producer) - <a href="" target="blank">WEST 32ND</a> directed by Michael Kang (Co-Music Supervisor) - <a href="" target="blank">My First Crush</a> short film directed by Rocky Jo (Producer) - <a href="" target="blank">Project Michelle PSA: Are You Ready to Be a Hero?</a> (Producer & Editor) - <a href="" target="blank">WEDDING PALACE</a> (Assistant Location Manager, Extras Casting, various roles) - <a href="" target="blank">Kim Jong Il Eharmony</a> as seen on YouTube (Actress & Editor) - <a href="" target="blank">Manivore</a> webisodes (Actress & Editor) - <a href="" target="blank">1040</a> documentary about "Christianity in the New Asia" (Assistant Editor & Associate Producer) - Music Video Program for The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival (Curator)

Finally, Grace has been blogging since the late '90s and has been known to be a web maven, although she thinks she has lost her touch since not being able to obtain "Peachies" on sites such as Twitter. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

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<strong>FAQ: Why "Peachies"?</strong>

"Peachies" was a nickname given to Grace in her freshman year of high school because she would always carry a bag of Trolli gummy peach rings with her (back then, the candy was called "Peachies"... they are now called "Peachie-O's"). The nickname stuck and Grace started using it as her username for various online sites (AsianAvenue, Findapix, Xanga, Myspace, etc.)

Today, most of her friends know her as Peachies as well.

And coincidentally, Grace's Chinese name is Pei-Chi (佩淇)!

IMDB: <a href="" target="_blank">;/a>

Twitter: <a href="" target="blank">;/a> YouTube: <a href="" target="blank">;/a>

<strong>On occasion, she contributes to other blogs:</strong> FR*A: <a href="" target="blank">;/a> KoreAm: <a href="" target="blank">;/a>

Contact: <b>grace[at]</b>

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Languages Spoken English,Hokkien,Korean,Mandarin
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