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27th San Francisco Int’l Asian American Film Festival

Starts tomorrow! And I wish I could go up for it! Grr.

Anyway, just wanted to let all you SF peeps know that the “Words That Define” music video I worked on a few months ago will be premiering at a FREE outdoor film fest event this coming Saturday, March 14 at 7:20pm in the Japantown Peace Plaza. More info here.

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Why you don’t mess with your makeup artist.

So here’s a random mini fun project I was involved with recently. Directed by Alfred Hsing (kind of, cuz’ he wasn’t present for the whole thing :P) in collaboration with Lina Okazaki, Leonard Xu, and Nicole Mayeda.

The sad thing is… I actually think I look better after even though I’m supposed to look worse. Is that kinda twisted? Haha.

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Food… Facebook… Fast.

Nice. This food blog, Serious Eats blogged about the soy sauce commercial I’m in. Thanks to t...Read more

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I heart MY NINJA. I seriously rock my yellow My Ninja shirt all the time. Aaand… I just got my hands on a new black one which I LOVE and will prob be wearing A LOT. Here’s a vid that Aiko’s friend, Yasuko, put together:

Playing patty cakes with Aiko or somethin’.

With some sexy ninjettes!

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BoA’s “I Did It For Love” Music Video Premiere

Last night, Arden invited me to a lil’ preview party for BoA’s single, “I Did It For Love.” BoA performed the song and they showed a clip from her new music vid directed by Joseph Kahn!

It w...Read more

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Alive Not Dead!

Uh… so I’m REALLY tardy with my recap on the AnD mixer that happened in LA a few weekends back. I was totally going to put together a mini vid from the event (I might come around to it still)… but Sam and Justice have one up, so you don’t need mine:

Anyway, a few things:

If you’re not on Alive Not Dead yet, you should get on it!...Read more

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Soy Sauce!

Mmm… soy sauce. Here’s a random story for y’all…

So I used to have a darker skin tone. In fact, I was a pretty dark baby. If you saw my baby and toddler pics, you’d totally see what I mean. My mom has told me that the reason why I came out so dark was cuz’ she used to consume a lot of soy sauce (har har, very funny, Mom). Anyway, sometime after Junior High, after I stopped playing outdoor sports, I started getting pale. I guess the only tan I was getting was that from the computer monitor… o_O

Anyway! Fast forward to now. I...Read more

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Featured on YouTube!

I first received a text from Bobby aka Big Phony about being featured on the front page of YouTube and then all of a sudden people started IM’ing, emailing, and messaging me on FB about it! Craaazy.

I must say, I feel like I won the lottery or something. Many prop...Read more

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Kollaboration 9

I’m pretty excited about it. Last year’s show at the Orpheum was pretty off the hook and really blew my mind cuz’ it was just a whole ‘nother level from the past years I’d seen the show. Last year, also, I got to be a guest judge at the Acoustic show which was at the Ford Amphitheatre… and I was just super impressed with the quality of APA talent that’s out there now.

So this year, I am REALLY excited. It’s gonna be at THE SHRINE. A HUGE jump from the Orpheum! Wow. They have a very solid lineup including Read more

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Pray for Hideo

I just found out that a friend of a friend, DJ Hideo, was diagnosed with a Level 4 colon cancer. Doctors are saying it’s too late. Right now, it looks that it’s gonna take a miracle from above for Hideo to heal from this and I pray that one comes! Please pray with us. For Hideo, for his family, for his friends…


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