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You are your own worst critic. Comparing yourself to others only heightens insecurities. So focus on being you, the best version of you. 😘

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I'm insecure, you're insecure, we're all our own worst critic. Instead of comparing yourself to others, focus on being you, the best version of you.

"The only thing standing in the way is you." -nickonken

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@dmingthing if you met me, you'd totally get it. Lol... My friends say I am the biggest dork ever but I try to be cool sometimes, "acting" 😎

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@JOunpraseuth love that

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@Ornyadams we can't all be as cool as you. Some of us just aren't born that way. But it's okay!!! ✌️

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@cocogrunge91 totally.

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I feel awkward. ALL THE TIME. Anyone feel my pain?

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Cheesin. Trying not to be so awkward. (Photo credit: @nickonken)

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