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Arden Cho

@flawlessrobz you're welcome! Glad you had fun! Thanks for being such a wonderful supporter 😘

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@datsddlovato I have an early flight out on Monday 😢 wish I could stay in Paris forever....

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@ntmellark your friend is so sweet, happy birthday :)

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Today was a wonderful day with @GuestsEvents! Lovely meeting all of you! Thanks for making it so special, see you tomorrow for more! #Paris

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Sorry I can't be there loves, if it was in my control you know I would! Love you guys so much & I'll do my best to plan another trip!

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@grenadeftliam because I was expecting to go to the convention but they canceled and now I won't be able to go... Sad

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Disappointing but I guess I won't be at Wolfsbane 3, waited the last month for the flights to be booked & now they're sayings it's too late.

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Happy 4th of July from Paris! 🇺🇸

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Having so much fun with you guys @GuestsEvents thanks for being so amazing! Tweet me your pics! #paris

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@theryankelley wow fun. I'm laying in bed staring at my phone!! See you at breakfast lol..

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