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Sleepy? Nooooo of course not! 😜 Thanks to @cccook33 + @meganvbrown & their glamtastic skills! #Teenwolf #latenightfilming

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Sometimes you just need a hug. Here's a virtual hug for when there's no one there to give you one.

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@justjaredjr haha thanks... if only your readers were the casting directors 😜

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RT @justjaredjr: @arden_cho Our readers REALLY want you to be the next #Mulan, according to our poll!…

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I wish it was that easy... #Psalm37

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@Zaligirl @EW @Disney it would be so worth it 💇

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RT @banshex: #ArdenChoforMulan IF YOU AGREE, RT HERE @arden_cho

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@JohnTheCho your dad is the cutest!!! Hahah🙋

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@mckenziedenisee haha you're so cute 😘

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