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@izybeeel @TheRealRyanHiga Wow, @TheRealRyanHiga you’re so pretty when you eat

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I’m so happy BAO won!!! ☺️ Congrats Domee Shi!! https://t.co/qcHXnVACsd

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Sunny Sunday today!! Refreshed & ready for the week!

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@DavidChoiMusic @TheRealRyanHiga Don’t lie @DavidChoiMusic you dun know ?

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Michelle Yeoh looking like the QUEEN she is!!! ?

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@DavidChoiMusic Woah weird.. I’ve always been INFP but I just took it again and now I’m ISFP ? I’ve changed... https://t.co/E3tyOu0yBr

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RT @nancywyuen: “If you think this is Michelle Yeoh's moment, think again. She's been kicking ass to the amazement of moviegoers for 30 yea…

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Why would you do such a thing!? ? https://t.co/MyTS4gaerv

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Can you believe it’s almost March already? Going to try to plan a few more talks this year at Universities in between filming so I can meet y’all! Recently found out about some “fake” booking sites. Contact Jess at bookardencho@gmail.com instead!

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Yes yes yes! Congrats @JessikaVan!! So happy for you! Can’t wait to see you on tv every week babe ? https://t.co/rL0w1mgJuR

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Hello loves!


Los Angeles, United States
February 26, 2009

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