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@itshafu Oh also people who are rude to servers!!! I hate that! I worked in the service industry so I’ve dealt with… https://t.co/2uoi7tLr1N

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@itshafu When people flake or cancel all the time! Also when people pretend and act super sweet and nice in front o… https://t.co/ZeU7wOXKSO

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@wongfupro Omg!!! Bahaha when was this and why don’t I remember it?!?!

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Aw @DavidChoiMusic I love this song!!Congrats on the MV 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I think people were waiting for your naked cameo als… https://t.co/s0WAt5yMnq

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RT @nerdyasians: Nhu "Annie" Nguyen & her family need justice.

Nhu Nguyen was a nail tech who was murdered by a customer who skipped out…

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@kinagrannis So pretty!!

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Also why can’t I sleeeeeppp???? https://t.co/KX3OqEhWZg

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I got Hermione-Belle! Two of my favorites... weird https://t.co/J1rdB5ZN6Z

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Today we #spendtime with this gorgeous beauty @meagantandy! I love sharing what my friends are doing & Meagan is no… https://t.co/fcRR8JoEc0

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Washing face never looked so cute... https://t.co/otNQFNVaUk

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February 26, 2009

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