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Arden Cho

Shooting on location today, it's so hot! Hiding from the heat in my trailer. #Teenwolf #Season5

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Oh no... Thoughts and prayers to those in East Village... 🙏

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Redeeming Love. Hands down my favorite book. Relaxing afternoon & now it's time to go to work, late night filming here we go!

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@CHRISELLEtweets your office is gorgeous!

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@BuzzFeed can I have that puppy

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Hopefully we can work out another date w/ @RogueEvents once we wrap up filming the season! Thanks for understanding! Appreciate all of you!

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Hi loves, sorry I can't make Wolfs Bane Origins in London, we tried our best to make it work but filming Teenwolf season 5 is full time gig!

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✌️#tbt #5yearsago

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@patjlee oh nice! Our @leonardnchurch varick looks Great on you! 😁

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