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Arden Cho

Having so much fun with you guys @GuestsEvents thanks for being so amazing! Tweet me your pics! #paris

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@theryankelley wow fun. I'm laying in bed staring at my phone!! See you at breakfast lol..

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@theryankelley you're still up too???

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@davidchoimusic @TheRealRyanHiga copy cats 😽

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@dylanposey come to the concert!!

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@hoechsdyl if I am invited, of course!

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Me too!!! See you in Singapore very soon!

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Well I guess this sleep thing is not happening. Only slept 2 hours but I'm wide awake... #insomnia #paris

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In a few days I'm headed to Singapore to perform for the Shine Festival July 10th-12th! Keep chasing your dreams & always believe in yourself. #BuildYourWorld

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@JennySenkbeil I've never canceled... It was never confirmed. I've always tried to make it work!

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