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Arden Cho

RT @TalkNerdyWithUs: Hey @MTVteenwolf fans! Read our interview with @arden_cho! Via @itentertainsme #TeenWolf

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I forgot how scary Teenwolf is... #crying

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RT @technerd0o: @MTVteenwolf Kira is like an amped up version of mulan #badass #socute @arden_cho

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Look who I found roaming the streets...

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RT @MrsYukimura: Definitely my favorite Scene.
@arden_cho is making an Awesome Job as #Kitsune.

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@davidchoimusic @TheRealRyanHiga I died.

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Happy #Moonday from the Yukimuras! We'll be watching #Teenwolf with you tonight!

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Game faces ON. Ready for "I dare you" w/ @notryanhiga + RHPC. Wish me luck. #idareyou #imscared

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Gonna film an "I Dare You" w/ @TheRealRyanHiga. I'm pretty sure I'm going to regret this. #idareyou

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