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@j_andyyy I'm sorry. I was beat up when I was younger too. It's not right, hopefully it stops soon. Stay strong my friend, sending you love.

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@ZoloFacts Don't seek revenge. Success is found in a great journey and one full of hate cant be a pretty one. Do it for YOU not for a hater.

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@IanBohenCroatia don't let those people pull you down! You are loved!

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Hate pulls people down & love pulls people up. Which direction are you influencing?

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Good honest conversations are truly a breath of fresh air.

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Our best/worst model pose lol... Rockin our fav @leonardandchurch watches! Thanks @jasondchen, glad you dig it! #leonardandchurch #twins

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@MaximMag all my fav Japanese whiskeys are sold out... 😢 used to be so easy to find!

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RT @MaximMag: We spoke to #TeenWolf starlet @Arden_Cho on Japanese whiskey and what makes her feel sexy.…

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Your worth is not defined by what you have or what you do. Don't let worldy things define who you are. YOU are valuable.

She's always looking out for me. #Chewytime #Leonardandchurch

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