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Arden Cho

Driving to see the Dolphins! 🐬 Hope they come out to play~

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Going out to swim with dolphins!! 🐬 Hope they come out to play~

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RT @DrunkenTigerJK: I see Arden !!! 아든 누나~

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@DrunkenTigerJK 고마워 호랑이동생 😋

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My girl @ultimateguamie always takes me to the best spots. Here are 4 of the 7 dishes we had, the rest I ate too fast lol... #trustthechef #ThePigandTheLady

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Floppy hat + beach towel + 👙 is all I need in paradise.

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Are we going to make it? Will YOU make it? #JUNE29 #TeenWolfSeason5

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RT @EW: The #TeenWolf season 5 trailer adds a new member to Scott's pack:

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It's never as it seems, reality is a dream. (Photo: @nickonken)

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