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RT @sharonfollmer: Style Taylor Swift - Arden Cho x Jason Chen: Loving @arden_cho's new video ❤🎶

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Miss Chewy getting so much love on set today. She's a star. #ChewyTime #Teenwolf

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Style Taylor Swift - Arden Cho x Jason Chen

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My baby keepin me company at work. #Teenwolf #latenightfilming #Season5

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RT @mikeylynch98: Last night I met the Teen Wolf cast

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Squishy face. Exactly how I feel too after 4 hours of sleep... Let's get ready for work! #tgif

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Love coming home to this cuddle baby after a long day of work. Shot a crazy cool scene for Teenwolf tonight w/ @iloveharveys. Can't wait for you guys to see it!! #Teenwolf #Season5

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Shooting on location today, it's so hot! Hiding from the heat in my trailer. #Teenwolf #Season5

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Oh no... Thoughts and prayers to those in East Village... 🙏

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