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Food… Facebook… Fast.

Nice. This food blog, Serious Eats blogged about the soy sauce commercial I’m in. Thanks to them, I now know the translation of the Chinese in the commercial! Haha. Pretty ridiculous (but at the same time, you prob get the picture without needing the following):

Stew juice, onion rings, love story.

Our story started with Kim Ve Wei-Wong soy sauce.

When we first met, he was shy.

My mom said, to cook for guest, we need to use real fermented soy sauce.

Because it does not contain preservatives.

My favorite at the time was onion rings dipped in the stew juice.

From that day on, he loved the good flavor from Kim Ve Wei-Wong.

Our love story walks along the road of, “Stew juice, onion rings, Kim Ve Wei-Wong soy sauce.

The ending shot: “Fall in love at first sight choice, unforgettable good flavor, fermented Kim Ve Wei-Wong soy sauce.”

Speaking of food… I’m on Day #9 out of 21 of this fast I’m doing with some friends. We’re doing a modified Daniel fast (pretty much a vegan diet of fruits, veggies, nuts, wheat, water, and no caffeine or alcohol). It hasn’t been too bad. I’m feeling pretty healthy! And I must say, I love Trader Joe’s even more! The only times when it’s a bit hard is when I go out with people and they’re drinking beers and eating delicious looking foods with meat or cheese. Haha. The sad thing is that fasting from Facebook is A LOT harder for me than fasting from food. Sigh. But, I’ve been fasting from FB as well and so far so good…

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good and a lot more productive. Things are pretty awesome, cuz’ shoot, God is good!

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Haha cool. Good luck on the fasting. A good trick is to order sprite when you go out with friends, they'll tend to think it's vodka sprite and not hassle you to drink. I used to do that for work conventions, cuz I don't like to drink alcohol but the people at the conventions would drink non stop. As for food, hmm good luck I wouldn't be able to do it hehe. FB fasting seems like it'd be tough for a lot of people. I've been fasting from Myspace...I guess heh. Just haven't gone logged in there in about a month.
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I Love Trader Joes! It's where I shopped all the time when I was in LA :) ~Shairah~
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