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Poltergeist was one of the only two movies that ever actually scared me as a kid. Chucky was the first, but Poltergeist made me afraid of mirrors for yeaaaars heh. Anyway this remake actually looks really good. Looking forward to it.

Keep seeing a lot of this guys stuff, and the water/milk splash photos in general. But this video shows the process which is pretty awesome. I wanna do it some day hehe.

Ooo FF Type-0 HD Collectors edition. Custom steel case box with special Yoshitaka Amano art, gold plated Suzaku pin, 80 page art book, 200 page manga, soundtrack and of course the Final Fantasy XV demo. Also entered into sweepstakes for some cool prizes with pre-order.

The 200th special musical episode of Supernatural was actually pretty awesome haha. Here is a compilation of all the songs in the episode. Finally seeing who God is at the end of the episode was pretty great too. (even though I guess they already confirmed who God was in an interview a while back).

This keeps showing up in my feeds, but just finally watched it. Young Justice BluRay came out yesterday. Should buy it if you want to help try and revive it, or at least prove to WB and Cartoon Network the show was loved regardless of poor toy sales and marketting.

Also is that Keith David as the voice of Mongul? Will Wheaton makes a pretty good DC host too hehe.

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This is pretty awesome, listening to Jim Lee and Scott Snyder talk about how they plan to tackle Superman Unchained from a year ago and then having the final outcome popping up in the video showing how it actually turned out.

Then Alex Sinclair talking about what goes into coloring Jim's stuff and the insane amount of work he does.

I was never lucky enough as a nerd to get a makeover. Funny stuff. The parts with the kids at the mall had me cracking up heh.

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