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BoA… I mean BaO’s “Eat You Up”

So a few months ago, I met up with Patty at Runyon Canyon to hike and talk about miscellaneous creative stuff. It was then that I first heard about this parody idea of hers… a parody of BoA’s “Eat You Up” music video…

You might have to be Chinese to know that “bao” = bun. And well, the whole parody is about eating up BUNS… pork buns… lots of them… really fast. You’ll even see a buddy of mine...Read more

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Music needed for indie documentary

Hello Musicians & Composers,

I’m looking for music! For an indie documentary about Christianity in Asia. I’d say stylistically it’s kinda like Michael Moore meets Planet B-Boy.

We’re looking for all types of music, so no, the music does not need to be of the Christian genre. Open to hip hop, rock, electronic, instrumentals, etc. We are looking for both produced tracks as well as samples of composed music.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a budget for this, so this is definitely for people who’d like ...Read more

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Long Nguyen CD Release Party

Friday July 31st 2009

EL Cid

4212 W Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90029

FREE! 8:30pm

Hosted by Kristina Wong – will include live performance with band, live painting, raffles, prizes, silent auction, karaoke, and g...Read more

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From the archives: Nemo’s “Hidden Agenda”

So I was showing Danny aka the Prime Minister some archived videos of mine… when I stumbled upon this:

Whoa!!! Hadn’t seen this in so long! Looking at it now… it’s actually a pretty cool vid still! So cool I had to upload it to YouTube… and jam a bit to the music in my Nemo pajama top. Ha.

...Read more
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Michelle doesn’t need a donor.

She needs PRAYER. http://projectmichelle.com/blog/

Last year, my friends contacted me about their friend Michelle Maykin who was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (a cancer of the blood). After seeking a bone marrow donor amongst her family, she needed to find a match from a stranger. Tricky thing is that there was and is a lack of Asian bone marrow donors out there. So her friends and family started Read more

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7/1 – Aiko, me, and DAVID CHOI on FR*A Live

Yes, I know the FM show at the Roxy is happening tomorrow, too, but BEFORE you roll over there, tune into http://framagazine.com/live/davidchoi at 7pm PST! Aiko and I will be interviewing David Choi, singer/songwriter/producer of Read more

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Lily’s Hope

A few months ago, I played a small role in a short film called Lily’s Hope. About a Chinese girl who is forced into prostitution, the film’s intention is to raise awareness about sex slavery. I’ve posted the video here, but check out the website, too, it has a lot of great links to resources about modern day slavery: www.lilyshope.com.

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Stephanie, Gilbert, and a Ferris Wheel

Sounds like a movie title, no? Haha, j/k. It’s just my way of trying to have a random title that’s fitting to this blog ;P

So it’s been busy the past several weeks. Daniel and I moved again. Oi vey. This was my 6.5th time moving since officially moving down to LA 3.5 years ago (6.5 cuz’ I first crashed on my relatives’ couch). We’re in downtown LA now. I never thought I’d live downtown, but after 3 weeks of being here, I’m actually diggin’ it. Our new place is dope… which is potentially a problem. We’ve had visi...Read more

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Video Plugs: Panic Shower, Kid Heroes, and Netflix

So these days, everyone’s creating their own content and putting it online. Many people put their stuff out there and build followings. Others enter contests and such. Sometimes we’re lucky and we get featured on YouTube ;] Online video is and has been the future. Heck, you may quite possibly see a shift with peachies.net towards that direction…

For now, here are some videos to check out:

“Jill and Gary” from Panic Shower Produ...Read more

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Armed With a Camera!

If you’re Asian Pacific American, 30 or under, an emerging filmmaker, and live in LA, this is a program I would encourage you to check out! I was part of the ‘05 program and it was awesome. Great peeps, great resources, and great networking.

Read more

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