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BoA’s “I Did It For Love” Music Video Premiere

Last night, Arden invited me to a lil’ preview party for BoA’s single, “I Did It For Love.” BoA performed the song and they showed a clip from her new music vid directed by Joseph Kahn!

It was pretty cool. The event was hosted by SM Entertainment, MTV Iggy, and Zune. Got to meet Joseph Kahn afterwards and some of BoA’s peeps. No, I did not get to meet BoA, although we did pass by each other (and omg, she is TINY and super cute!).

Anyway, no idea how successful BoA will be in America, but from what I’ve seen… she’ll be alright.

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woah, she's looking hot there. props for really singing live too, even if it doesn't sound perfect its better than the fake lipsynchers! i'm quite envious of your access! I'll trade you a john legend for a Boa any day! :-P
over 15 years ago
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Awesome! I wish I knew it was in LA & I would've flown down. Love her song "Every Heart" from Inuyasha. Thanks for sharing! ~Shairah~
over 15 years ago
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she's like 5'0" or shorter!
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