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I always find the celebration of the handover a little bit weird. Its hard to describe. If you are one of those who's family immigrated overseas for fear of communist rule, you will know what I mean. I have now been back in HK for some 18 years. I came back in around Feb 1989 after spending some 11 years overseas. June 4th massacre happened in the same year, (depending who you speak to !!). I remember it well and joined the march. It was great seeing so many people out in the streets marching in protest. Fast forward to 1997, I remember celebrat...Read more

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More Cooking

Some dishes that I made for a dinner party for 10 last week. This wasn't a 24Herbs party, they haven't tasted these yet, maybe they will after we finish our album. It pretty much takes me a whole day or more to make these so I am proud when it works especially when I am doing individual servings cause its much harder, it takes a lot of planning and timing. I find cooking a lot like making music. I had spent some 5 days marinating a leg of lamb for a 7 hour bake but it turned out so so. For music, I sometimes spend days on a track only to...Read more

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One of the things all 24 Herbs love is food and drink. One of the things I love doing is cooking so we are always eating together. We had a BBQ at Conroy's over the weekend this is where our Aussie education really shows itself. We can both cook a mean steak amounts other things. Most of 24 Herbs came to eat as expected !! Only Brian missed the party as he was in UK on business. I know we tend to post all the party pics but believe me we work hard in between parties !!!

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Other than work with 24Herbs, I have been busy working on a short film for a director called Tony Shyu. He shoot a short film staring Jason Tobin. Its called "Macau Twilight" and he managed to get it to a few festivals which is great. I hope he can make it into a full length feature. I have also been working on a lot of commercial projects for people like Standard Charter Bank, Oral B, SKII, 7-Up, Pepsi, McDonald's. Its really fun for me as I get to work with a lot of film directors and it is always interesting no matter how big/small...Read more

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As Jin was in HK for a hand over gig at Armani bar, we hooked up for a quickie session at my studio. It was totally unplanned and we only had about 90mins. Jin's crew all came in to hang out and Terence also popped in to hang with us. We went through a few beats and Jin started writing in his head. As he doesn't read or write cantonese he just memorize as he writes. That's a mad skill right there. I often have to do demo vocals on my own tracks and I can never remember more than like 3 lines. Especially in cantonese as I also don't read m...Read more

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Talent Search

Thanks to everyone that responded to the talent search blog. There are certainly some good singers out there. Strangely enough, all are female. I won't name the any names as all had contacted me privately. I had offered some to come record a demo once they feel they are ready so I hope to meet some new singers soon. 

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24 Sessions

A few pics from our recording sessions. We have been working hard on the album. Hope to be out around July/August.

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Balls Of Fury

Just saw this trailer, very funny.


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Talent Search

My company is always looking for new singers or lyricist that we can work with for producing music whether for commercials or other projects. I thought it would be a good idea to see if there are any people in alive not dead who like to write lyrics and or sing. So I have upload a few tracks on this page. If you write lyrics, please try and use some of the tracks I have uploaded. If not you can send me work you have already done. If you sing, you can just send me some demos you have sung on. Don't get me wrong, I am not promising to be a st...Read more

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Music Matters

Last night was the Music Matters party held at the Caven. Although we sponsored the event, unfortunately we couldn't make it to see the confrence.  Apparently John Jay was one of the guest speakers, he is quite a famous man and I have been told he is one of the greatest speakers in the biz. As the creative head of Wieden + Kennedy, he has produced countless amazing ads for the likes of Nike, Coke, Electronic Arts, that amazing Honda TVC using car parts as a dominos which I am sure most people have seen. Check out their work on:

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