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Drinks After Photos Shoot

Pretty fun night last night. 24Herbs were privileged enough to be shot by Terry Richardson last night. Incase you have not heard of him, he is a super famous photographer. He is in town to hold an exhibiton at the Diesel space thanks to AnD and Diesel. We got a sneak peek at the exhibition, its gonna be great. The show is tonight and we are looking forward to it. He had spent most of the day shooting various stars of HK in various places. Although we only meet for about an hour, he seems to be a nice guy, really chilled and easy goi...Read more

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Holiday !!

Just got back from a break in Maldives. We were there for about 8 days. As it was recently my birthday, my wife granted me a boys trip. My surfing and diving buddies decided rather then get completely legless drunk, we would do something different. Actually, I ended up getting legless drunk with the Herbs before I left for the trip.... heehee. It was a great trip as we did a live aboard where we stay on a boat for the whole time and cruise to surf and dive spots daily. We didn't actually boat around a great deal as there was only 2 surf spots ...Read more

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Vice TV

One of the most interesting sites I have ever seen. Its like a mix of youtube, mtv, cnn, 60mins, liveleak. It started as a magazine (Vice Mag)and moved onto DVD then online. Its informative and entertaining. I can hardly stop watching it. I started with Balls Deep, with a story about Botaga's street kids, apparently they live in the sewers because the local landlord have formed deaths squads to get rid of these street kids, as in kill them by shooting them stabbing them or setting them on fire. They eat, sleep and take drugs, marry, have kids in ...Read more

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Alvin Ailey

Just went to see Alvin Ailey dance troupe at the APA. It was like 2 hours long and I almost pass out after they turn off the lights. I guess after working all day, you turn out the lights on my, I go into sleep mode. Either that or I am getting old. Lucky I didn't fall asleep..... much. I am not much into modern dance but they were very entertaining. The show was packed. I was told they are already consider quite commercial. They all have amazing bodies and incredible flexibility and moves. The music was quite good, there were some Stevie Won...Read more

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Work Work Work...

It has been a very busy few weeks doing a lot of commercials. Some fun some not so fun but that's how it goes. Currently I am working on a few TVCs featuring Andrew and Conroy. Can't name it as yet as its not out but its going a nice set of films. Conroy and Andrew did a good job. They are pretty good actors after all ! I have been scoring the films now for over a week now. I will put it up once its released and on air. I had also worked on a nice job for Star World Hotel featuring Tony Leung. Check it out below. The one below that ...Read more

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Blog: Thursday, Oct 25

Just got a nice email from Hip Hong Kong, they have done a nice site for the Diesel event with loads of photos and video of 24Herbs performance. Its nice to see it from another point of view. I had already thanks everyone on the 24Herbs blog so I won't do it again here. Conroy, Kit and Phat have all gone to Hawaii along with the AND crew for the film fest as they all worked on the Heavenly Kings film. Nice one !! I spoke to them yesterday and they were having a ball. Check out the link below.

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Finally Finished !!!

We have finally finished recording and mixing 24Herbs album. Its has taken a long time and a lot of hard work. I must have mixed and remixed each track over 10 times. Ghost Styles also did a lot of mixing and recording at Drum, my studio. Its almost like he's been working here for the last 6 months. All the tracks has new been sent off to Bernie Grundman's for mastering. They have pretty much worked with all the big names, like Eminem, Kanye West, 50cent, Neptunes, Black Eyed Peas, John Mayer, Gwen Stefani, Crystal Method, The Ki...Read more

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Music Video

The shoot for our music video was over week ago, it was a lot of  fun but tiring. I was late for the shoot due to work and they gave me some grief for arriving late. Alex the director told me I had to hurry up and learn some dance moves for the shoot.... I'm like "what the f_ _ k ? what moves?" As we gave Alex free hand to do whatever, I had no idea what the MV was about. Annie started to coach me on the moves while everyone looked on. After she showed me some sexy ass shaking moves and got me mimicking her, I'm like... "yo...Read more

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Had a blast playing Ci Xi. We had rehearsed quite a lot for this gig as we have now extended our set to a decent length of almost an hour. We had a great time playing that night. Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting us. The feedback was great, thanks again. It was really funny when Eason came on stage to confirm his "testie situation"...

Last night I went to see Gwen Stefani. I was surprise to see such a good turn out. It was held at the expo hall and was almost full. She put on a great show but I didn't think her si...Read more

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CiXi R&R Night

Some krappy phone camera pics from last night. Eugene and Jun played a rock night at CiXi. A lot of people turned up to support. Adrian and Scotty also play with Eugene and Jun. Even though I work with Eugene everyday, his shredding skills are still amazing... He makes it looks so easy.

24Herbs have confirmed to play there on the 11th August. We'll keep you guys posted.

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