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The Grinch

This looks pretty kool. Its a winch anchored to the beach and pulls you along while you skim the water. Its like a cheap alternative to wake skating. Its not likely to work in Hong Kong unless you want to take out a few kids or swimmers.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6ZUjuvRSz8&eurl=

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I had a few days booked for Phuket last week but unfortunately due to the riots in Thailand, I couldn't go. So last minute, I got a flight to Sanya in Hainan island because I heard the surf was good there. Unfortunately the surf is only good in winter. I did however find a surf shop with a few paddle boards there so my friend and I rented a one and took it for a spin. Incase you don't know, a paddle board is like a very large surfboard with a single long paddle. You stand on it and paddle yourself out to the biggest break you can find and try a...Read more

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Cooking For Friends..

A very good chef friend of mine gave me a large black truffle from Italy. So I asked a bunch of friends over to eat it. Some 24Herbs boys and some other friends came along. I did five courses and the new one was a Japanese rice with morels,chanterelle, porcini, butter, cream, chives and topped it off with the shaved truffle. I did it in a Chinese earthen pot and it came out really well. Its a pity that truffles are so expensive and hard to get. Read more

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Fake Foot Prints !

Just like most Chinese people, I watched the olympics opening with a bunch of friends. Anyhow, I was quite impressed by a few of the elements like the giant scroll, the giant globe, the synchronized dancers, the giant foot prints etc. Having read the article below, apparently most of the foot prints were in fact fake. Now I feel a little bit ripped off !

http://www.teleg...Read more

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Lost Prophets

So there other night a whole bunch of us went to check out Live & Loud, a great series of concerts held in HK since I don't even remember when. The sound got progressively better as the night went on. I thought most of the groups including SIMPLE PLAN, ONE REPUBLIC, LOST PROPHETS, NEW FOUND GLORY, JAMIE SCOTT were very good.

Anyhow, I decided to write this blog because in the middle of Lost Prophets set, the lead singer said to the audience, "you know, we used to own you...... and then we gave you back...... and if you do...Read more

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Batman Spoof

I thought this is pretty well done.....

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2yv8aT0UFc

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Olympic Folly

I thought this was a really good article from  http://www.thecutmedia.com

I grew up in a suburb of Chicago that was called at one time the Speed Skating Capital of the World.  And between 1968 and 1980, we churned out Olympic contenders like Kansas churns out Republicans.  I remember watching these silent, emotionless speed skaters circle the rinks for hours, crouched over, one arm behind their back, sacrificing so much simply for the chance to compete.  There was a purity about...Read more

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Olympic Menu....

This is funny.

Video: http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=2USmRrLsyDM

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Bike Babe

The only babe I'd managed to pickup on my motorbikes.

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Good rides !

Just spend a few hours fixing the damn iPhone. I am a big Apple fan and have the first gen iPhone. I was trying to update my 1.0.2 fireware to 1.1.4. The only instructions I had found we to downgrade from 2.0 so I upgraded to 2.0 then attempted to downgrade. I won't go into it but it involved downloading around 3 spatches and softwares then got to downgrade iTunes to 7.5 then put, all sorts of really boring stuff. I finally did it. What a F_ _kin hassle ! It took me around 5 hours to do this.

Anyhow, I came across some pictures of my...Read more

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