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I was just going through my showreel and I came across an old advert that I had done in 2004 with Andrew Lin in it. I think the puppy dog look is quite funny. I remember I was quite happy with my music as I felt it did a good job. Anyhow check it out.


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Diesel/Adidas Calabo

We did the Diesel/Adidas gig last night. It was fun. The event was for the Diesel/Adidas calibration jeans. The party was held at the two stores in Causeway Bay and almost next to each other. The jeans are nice and we had a great time shooting the print ads with Wing Shya. We'll will put the ads up on the 24Herbs page. The party had both stores totally packed, and loads of people were hanging out in the streets smoking etc. Our stage was small but it was still fun. Here are a few shots from our sound check and the party afterwards. <...Read more

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Kit's Birthday

After doing a shoot at Wing Sha's studio for Diesel/Adidas we went out to celebrate Kit's birthday. As most of us had been away during CNY we actually haven't all met up for a few weeks so it was a great excuse to go out and eat and drink ! The shoot was fun also, see some of the pics on the 24Herbs page. www.alivenotdead.com/herbs

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Delay No More After Party

We all went to Yumla after our Delay No More album launch where we played the whole album. It was nice to hear it on another system even though I had already heard it a thousand times. Needless to say we were out till very late.

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Really nice to see our album with some serious coverage at HMV. Its also great ot know we str on s listening booth at HMV. We are distributed to most other stores also. I know all the HMV stock it as well as the main record stores in Kowloon side, as well as HK Records in Pacific Place. Someone told me that we are on the number 7 on the HMV chart up from 14 !! I have no idea how they do that chart but it would be great to find out, I guess since its from HMV, its got to be from sales. does anyone know ?! 

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Eason Session

Recently had a session with Eason for a job. This is the third time I worked with him and he's professional as ever. He is pretty much a perfectionist. He always prefers to do a whole good take then edit. This of course takes much longer but good things usually takes time. His voice is really good. Nice and strong with great pitch and tone. The 24Herbs boys were in my other room rehearsing so Eason dropped in on them. I took a few pics while recording.

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Wild Day Out

Better late then never. Wild Day Out was really fun. We had a blast. Our show time was great, we got the sunset. This was the first time we played with videos and it worked great. Big thanks to Chris at Dash for his work. Thanks also to Berton for taking pics for us. It was really amazing to play to so many people, that's our biggest audience so far. Afterwards, we went to have some dinner with the Terence, Patrick, Raffi, Ivy, Kit, Berton, Tung Tung etc. We then hit a whiskey bar for some drinks. Check the pics below.

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Wild Day Out Sound Check

Had out Wild Day Out rehearsal sound check last night. Its going to be great. I hope it won't rain. Its right next to the Elements Mall. Apparently they had many complaints for noise yesterday and the police came a few times to stop the sound check. I think this is so annoying, a little noise once in a blue moon and people complain. It wasn't even at night, it was during the day. The police even threatened that if they have to come back again, they told the organizer they can forget about saturday's show. Without top even...Read more

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Happy New Year !

Just finished our new MV. A big thank you to Chris at Dash. This song will not be on our album. We want to give it away as a few download which you should soon be available on the 24Herbs page. It was fun working on this song. We are also working on a bunch of other stuff which we will release soon. We have a gig coming up for the San Miguel Wild Day Out which will be at the old drive-in theatre Kowloon side where Kanya West played 2 years ago. We confirmed the gig really late so we are like on the bottom of the billing.... a bit of a bummer...Read more

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Maldives Underwater

Finally got some pics from my friend who had the underwater camera during our Maldives holiday. He got some great shots of the manta rays. They were all hanging around manta cleaning station and we were allow to get really close to them. They just kept circling and a few times they came so close i was like a foot away from their wing. We did around 20 dives and I would say 90% of the dives were great. I had not been diving for over 6 years but didn't have any problem getting back into it. We also saw schools of barricudas, jacks, even...Read more

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