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Ashanti High Lightning

Just spent a few day working on my friend Simon Birch's exhibition. Its going to be a very cool exhibit. Simon has been commission to do this for a Singapore Gallery. As far as I understand, it is funded by the Singapore government. It seem rather unfortunate that this was not picked up by the HK government. I wished HK government are more supportive of art projects.

It is a instalation of some 6000 sqft. He has done a huge 40ft high scupture for the entrance as well as a bunch of paintings for it. I had worked on a 16min ...Read more

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Job Session

A few days ago I got some of the Herbs in for a session on one of my jobs. Needless to say it went well. Tung Tung was singing in mandarin and the guys were mainly yelling. Always fun working with the fellaz.

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My Day Job

As a music composer/producer, I also make music for film and TV. I score TV commercials, features, short films, documentries, TV series, film trailers etc. I am usually involved in the job from a very early stage of story boards and scrīpts, we talk a lot about the direction and tone and manner for the music.  Mostly working with creative directors, writer and film directors. After they shoot the film and edit it, I am usually given the film early in the day and usually I have to finish the job by evening the same day. Its hard work but I enjoy it...Read more

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More pics.

Got a whole bunch of pics. These are pretty much the same as what I have uploaded to 24Herbs page. Thanks again for the support !! Will upload some videos soon.

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Let's Fight !

Wow, what a buzz. We had a totally fantasic time last night. the audience was amazing. Just a few shoots from yesterday. Gotta take off to the show now...

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DorYuk is alive..

Wassup, Eddie aka DorYuk here. DorYuk means literially "much meat". I was given this name cause I am somewhat meaty all around my body.

Anyhow, I am a music producer/composer. I am the producer for 24 Herbs. FIrst of all, I am really happy to be part of this movement of alivenotdead. The site is a dope idea. Its been great to have met most of the guys from A.N.D. Thanks to Patrick and Mark and Boon and of course T Dog. Its has also been loads of fun preping for the Let's Fight concerts. Thanks to Paul and Polar Bear J...Read more

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