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Life is not fair

I have never been a fan of Bill Gates but apparently he recently gave a talk at some school and these were his points. I certainly respect his message. As I am a parent, I think these are very valid and would want to deliver the same sort of message to my kid. Most kids are brought up to get reward just for participation. Their expectations are totally out of reality. All parents know that it is much easier to spoil your child then not to. Anyhow I think these actually apply to many adults also !

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We were at P Room (Paul's studio) doing some interviews for the next Let's Fight Concert so 24Herbs raided his stash of whisky. We found a bottle of McCallan Fine Oak. We thought it was interested that the bottle had a logo on it saying there were 24 shots to a bottle. So that was a perfect excuse for us to drink it !! It was only half full and I think we got 6 drinks out of it. So I guess we don't pour standard size drinks...

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Pizza with Paul Wong

We recently had Paul Wong over for dinner so I decided to make pizza. The 24Herbs boys also love pizza especially Ghost Styles. I have been prefecting my pizza for over a year now and have experimented with different types of dough. From different types of flour, different types of yeast, different sugars, different salts, different temperature water, adding oil as oppose to no oil, using sour dough etc. My good friend who is a pizza nut got me on to making pizza. He is a master of pizza making and has studied it in depth and has even in...Read more

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Back In Black

Back in Black is one of my all time fav albums and I had never heard a better then original version of it. Until I heard this one. Also check out the other AC/DC fav, "For those about to rock"..


Check out the rest of this artists' albums ! I think she should try some hip hop next.


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25 Greatest Guitar Riffs.

This was compiled by Rob O'Connor. I don't totally agree but I thought it was worth blogging about.

25) "Enter Sandman"--Metallica: "Master Of Puppets" or "For Whom The Bells Tolls" or even "Fight Fire With Fire" might make for better overall riffs, but "Enter Sandman" has a presence that everyone in the room feels and I've seen some pretty bad bar bands tackle this one and still come out sounding as if they knew something about music.

24) "Sweet Chi...Read more

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The food in KL was yummy. As mentioned before we had 24 crabs in one meal as it was a big group. There so so much variety in the street food due to all the cross cultures. Chinese, North and South Indian, Malay and i think quite a lot of indo also not to mention all the western influences. I mean where else would you get marmite fried crab with fried shanghai style bread in one sitting.

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KL Behind The Scenes

Been so busy with gigs and work, haven't had time to blog. I just came across these pics, I forgot I took them.  Some are pretty funny. I think either Jin was doing some mime or maybe saw an attractive woman in the distance... .

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What's Good ?! KL !

Back from our KL trip. It was fun, not enough sleep and way too much food and alcohol but still fun. Great to meet some new friends. Most of them were AnD members !! Thanks to Bad Boy Ben, Eelin, Stephen and the whole crew that looked after us. Warren and Ng Long took some great pics, look forward to seeing them. Here are some of mine.

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N.E.R.D & Stuff

The Thaitanium boys showed up in HK to see the Nerd, Kanye, Terriyaki Boys show so naturally we made sure they had a good time. Incase you don't know them they the biggest hip hop crew in Thailand and really great guys. We ate and drank way too much but its all good. I was kinda disappointed with Kanye. Its the second time most of us has seen him as he was in HK last year. I thought N.e.r.d was really good. We all rock on at the after party till late. Check out some pics.

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Johnny Walker TVC

Finally after some 5 months, the Johnny Walker ad has been released. I was involved early on and the lead was suppose to be Terence. It's a shame that Terence had prior commitments because it would have been great seeing them in a large ad campaign like this. These guys were actually chosen for their acting skills and not for the fact they were in Alive. It was a fun job but it did sometime to nail it. David the director did a great job making Conroy look skinny. Check out his tight ass below !! Audio Traffic Adrian sang the song for me...Read more

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