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Dirt Biking

I have been riding motor bikes for over 18 years but had decided to stopped riding because I felt it was a matter of time before I get into a nasty accident. Anyhow, the bike bug is still in me so while in NZ, I found this place which rented dirt bikes so I decided to give it a go. I had never ridden on hilly terrine before so it was quite exciting. It was really hard work compared to a road bike. You have to pay attention every second and sit as far forward as possible to gain control of the handle bars and front wheel. Both wheels are drifting ...Read more

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Blowin Away !

This is the other thing we did. We really wanted to try this thing but actually the swoop ride mentioned below was much more exciting and fun. I was glad I did the swoop as this one was really quite boring. I was slightly worried that I would fall through the net and become mince meat as I am not exactly a light weight. There are actually a few layers before the prop. Anyhow the ride was only 2mins and they had said it was suppose to be 4mins so I felt a bit ripped off afterwards. Here it is anyways.

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During the easter break we went to New Zealand for a holiday. My wife and I wanted to do this thing where you wear a baggy suit and then jump over a propeller and then they turn on the engine and you rise up simulating a free fall like ride. There is of course a few nets metal grills to stop you falling into the blades. Anyhow, my wife went to buy the tickets and said "hey, if we do 2 rides, its cheaper by around $12" so I said, "kool, lets do it, how bout this one called swoop, looks harmless...."

So we went down to the ri...Read more

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Check out this new instrument. Well, actually its more like a new interface for a synth. Its a pretty kool idea. Like many new instruments these days, its required little to no knowledge to make some sounds and beats but then if you listen to this video without the visuals, its pretty much rubbish music. I still think its a cool idea because it em-powers people to make things without much effort. Apparently Bjork's guys has been using it for live concerts. However I did go to see the Bjork concert in HK. The brass band she had was great. The st...Read more

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Accordion Session

I had a job the other day where I needed some french influence so naturally, I got an accordion player. It was a tough session as he had never recorded a session before so both Eugene and I tried playing it. It was really hard to play but sounds amazing. I would love to be able to play this instrument but I suspect it would take many years to get good.

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Table Tennis

We have been embracing our Olympic spirit and playing a lot of table tennis lately. I think JBS sort of started it by challenging us to a match. As most of us had some school time in HK, we all have played ping pong. It turns out Kit is a bit of a superstar. Infact, he has not yet been beaten by any of us. Our homie Lee Hawk also plays a mean game of PP. Totally kicked my fat ass.

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I was inspired by Terence's braveness and decide to come out also. Here is the new DorYuk.

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Josie Concert

I know, its a bit late but as they say, better late then never... We had a great time although we only did like 3 songs. The sound was pretty good that night. Josie put on a great show and I can hear a make difference in her vocals. She has obviously been practicing a lot. AS we were waiting to get on stage, we we playing all sorts of games in our room. We had 3 paper cups on the floor and a table tennis bat and ball. We had to get the ball in one of the cups and you take the pot. The pot being $20 from each person that joined in. In the end we...Read more

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Break A Glass Wit Your Voice !

This is cool, I haven't tried but will find an excuse to do it soon.


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Josie's Show

Don't forget to come check out Josie's show tonight. I know she has been working extra hard for this show. We went to a few rehearsals as we will also be playing tonight along with many guests.

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