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One of the things all 24 Herbs love is food and drink. One of the things I love doing is cooking so we are always eating together. We had a BBQ at Conroy's over the weekend this is where our Aussie education really shows itself. We can both cook a mean steak amounts other things. Most of 24 Herbs came to eat as expected !! Only Brian missed the party as he was in UK on business. I know we tend to post all the party pics but believe me we work hard in between parties !!!

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Yummy! It reminds me of my MBA days studying at the Graduate School of MacQuarie Uni in 1994!
almost 16 years ago
Doryuk 63 doryuk
actually we had the outdoor bbq first than this was the post outdoor bbq snack... we had to test which gave us the better flavor... at least that's my excuse....heehee.
almost 16 years ago
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hungry....i want a bite hehe
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