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Saw in half...

This is incredible.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyFBp_Y0_aE

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Bangkok Gig

After Africa, I went straight to Bangkok. Believe me, packing for the trips was no fun !! Asian Hip Hop Festival was really well done. I think we did a good job. I took some video from the stage and the crowd reaction was really good. I will upload those later. It was also great seeing all the other groups as everyone brought something different to the show. Some had BBoys, some played a few instruments, Thaitanium had a bunch of girls dancing at one stage. They really rocked their home turf. Nas was really good but to be honest, no matter how go...Read more

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Tang Wei Ad.

I jjust saw this on TV. I did the music for this quite awhile back but I have only seen it on air recently. I was first on air in China which is probably where this youtube came from but was aken off  because they have a "problem" with Tang Wei. Apparently the censors didn't like her role in Lust Caution. Anyhow at least its on air in HK. Its actually a piece of Chopin. I had to replay it from scratch and added strings and harp etc. I found it funny when clients give me comments of a piece like this. Like to remove this note and th...Read more

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The second part of our trip was to Kurger National Park for a safari. We have been wanting to do this for ages and this was the perfect excuse to go. We were there for 5 days and you basically drive around for about 6 hours a day, 3 in the morning beginning at 530am and then 3 hours in the early evening starting around 430pm. They feed you none stop, even when you are out looking for animals, they will break after about 2 hours and put a table with all sorts of drinks and snacks. Morning will be coffee and stuff and afternoon is almost a full bar and ...Read more

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Dave Chappelle

I almost forgot. You would never guest who I ran into in Africa !! Well you know cause my title is called Dave Chappelle. He was at the Table Mountain Cable car area having a cig. He noticed me looking at him and gave me a nod, probably because my mouth dropped. Probably a little surprised that a Chinese guy recognized him in Africa. I rarely asked for a photo with any celebrities but I am a big fan of his and I was really surprised to see him in Africa and my wife encouraged me to take a photo so I did ! He was nice enough and said he's o...Read more

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Great Whites and Whales !

I just came back from a trip to South Africa with my lady. It was a treat for our 10th wedding anniversary. We flew to Johannesburg then transfer straight to Cape Town. Spent 3 days there.We rented a car and a GPS which was really useful. It saved us a lot of time and arguments. I did a lot of driving. I managed to get a manual shift which I love to drive even though it was just a little Toyota. Still lots of fun. Some scenery along the way.

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Letterman slams McCain..

Letterman slams McCain for flaking on him. Its incredible how powerful the media is. As Letterman says himself, the road to the white house goes right through his show ! Over 2millions hits already on youtube and that's only the internet, he did this on network TV.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjkCrfylq-E

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Air Traffic

This is quite incredible. This is a simulation of air traffic over 24 hours. As you can see most traffic happens between US and Europe but sort of makes one feel rather unsafe to fly but thankfully, its a big planet.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XBwjQsOEeg&eurl=

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I saw this guy walking around HMV in Causeway Bay. Very cool dude. I approached him for his contact because Phat is shooting something about tattoos. He goes on to tell me he is the nephew of Chow Yun Fat. Phat got the interview and its turned out quite amazing. Look out for it!

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Thai Box

We to the charity match the other night. I have been doing quite a lot of Thai Boxing training later so I was keen to go check it out. I was surprise most of the guys were quite skinny and small but I guess that's good for fighting. It was also no surprise that the Thai guys had much more experience then the local or even Australian guys. The Thai guys have had maybe 50-100 matches under their belt and the locals guys maybe 15-20 max. The experience is quite an advantage. Anyhow, some not very interesting pics.

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