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Some dishes that I made for a dinner party for 10 last week. This wasn't a 24Herbs party, they haven't tasted these yet, maybe they will after we finish our album. It pretty much takes me a whole day or more to make these so I am proud when it works especially when I am doing individual servings cause its much harder, it takes a lot of planning and timing. I find cooking a lot like making music. I had spent some 5 days marinating a leg of lamb for a 7 hour bake but it turned out so so. For music, I sometimes spend days on a track only to realize it sucks. Sometimes I manage to cook something really simple like a pasta with basil and tomato and garlic and its great. The same with music, sometimes it takes only an hour to knock out a great track but sometimes, it takes months of experimenting. This time, I did managed to make a Macaroon for the first time ever. It took about 4 batches before I got it right. Now its time to get back to music. Cheers !

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Photo 24183
Yeah, they really look very professionally done and served up!
almost 16 years ago
Doryuk 63 doryuk
no culinary school for me. i just eat a lot and learn and experiment as i go. i am certainly not at the level of pro chefs but its good fun.
almost 16 years ago
Photo 22991
looks good, i love food too...
almost 16 years ago


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