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Broken and shattered

Actually I wanted to write a blog about my overwhelming experience today but my hand is too painful to write a long blog, I'll write it when i get better. So, I am going to share this other thing that I found out 2 hrs ago. I am amazed at how persistent I can be..... and how far I can take pain....

Before going to Sydney, I hurt  my right hand... it bled for more than 12 hours.... The next few days, I just rubbed it with boiled eggs to reduce the swelling.... my hand looked like the special effect make up in the movie in love with the dead, only this time it is natural and for real. it was all bruised and purplish blue and green in colour....

Finally, after a week, tonight, I got it checked and X-rayed.... Guess what? Not only have I broke the bones to a 90degrees ( as opposed to a straight line), I have also shattered it.... According to the doctors, I would have to undergoe a surgery to realign the bone, hopefully the scar won't be big. Going to see a bone specialist and schedule the surgery tomorrow. Wish me luck guys.... Dun worry, I will be okay.... just won't be writing blogs for sometime..... talking about the pain....... let's just leave it there.....



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ouch. Good luck, I'm sure the scar won't be bad and it'll heal well, getting it taken care of is important.
about 16 years ago
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OH MAN! I am sorry that you are feeling pain... It must really suck... Hang in there... Hopefully you can get some Vicodin!!
about 16 years ago
Palwong 45 palwong
oh! Take care!
about 16 years ago
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hey thats not funny, april fools day ended a few days ago! :-O get well soon!
about 16 years ago
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ouch!!! wow. i hope you get well soon and good luck with the surgery.
about 16 years ago
"I just rubbed it with boiled eggs to reduce the swelling." So you burned your hand too? Terrible... Don't worry about the scar; vitamin E oil helps. Do ALL of the physiotherapy they tell you to do. And next time, see the doctor immediately; we don't wan the sequel to have to be called "In Love With The Amputated." Trust me, I'm a doctor. Get well soon!!!
about 16 years ago
01 04 andrew
good luck with the surgery.
about 16 years ago


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