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hiking again!

really very long time no blog! hope everyone's doing great.  went hiking with stephen over the weekend. the sunset turned out to be crazy as i was walking home. here are some pix to share! Read more

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long time no blog, as etchy has reminded me!  before i bore myself with my life's mundane details, here's something very exciting - Legend Fighting Championships! some photos from the event - Read more

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to trailwalk or not to trailwalk?

hmm... that time of the year again.

100km of pain...

meanwhile, here's a pic for fun... the only half decent one after an hour+ of shooting.

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more random beach yoga

another trip to big wave beach... this time with a few more brave souls...

pretty hard to sync 7 handstands... but we got it after a few tries!

this was one that i was extremely excited about. it seemed to be possible in theory, but n...Read more

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random beach fun

went to my favorite big wave beach saturday morning for some fun and games...

human pyramid.... can we do it with 5 without serious injury?!

we need a sunset in the middle or something...

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just finished a 5-day acroyoga workshop. if i practice hard for a few years, maybe i can do a portion of this demo by our teachers...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6PmKHXlx4c

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Somewhere along the line, we have confused comfort with happiness

others certainly may have said this before, but i first heard about this quote from a crazy dude by the name of dean karnazes.

it's something to think about in these difficult times - we may have been a bit more comfortable before the economy took a gigantic fall, but it doesn't mean we were happier.  we probably have all lost one way or another, but if you think hard, it might lead you to cherish what you have, and help you find happiness.

***As some of you know, I r...Read more

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tibet - 唐古拉山

kung hey fat choy everyone!

posted a note on the forums asking for intros to parkour and breakdancing artists and am glad to have some leads, thanks guys!!

now i can't do any fancy flips, but will share with you a pic at one of the highest mountain passes in tibet at 5231m...

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a rather long entry - and what i think about when i think about running

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trailwalker 2008

thanks guys for all the support!! please keep the donations coming, until early december!

the link again is here (but please use internet explorer for this).

so we finished in 29:30!  we started at 9am on Friday and finished Saturday at 2:30pm. 

it was insanely hot this year during the day when we started, and didn't cool down until saturday morning.  this causes all sorts of trouble for us, with...Read more

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