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i want to loose 5 poundsno, this is not one of those statements where tell people that i wish to loose 5 pounds so they can come back to me with:" O NO, but you are so skinny!!" type deal. .....I really DO want to loose 5 pounds. Reason? no reasons in particular, in fact, i feel completely comfortable with my weight, It's almost like a self-motivation/test for me.... Ever since my first "office" job post college, I seem to have lost a lot of motivation to keep myself fit.  I mean come on, as if getting up at 730am everyday isnt hard enough for me already. So here is the plan:combination of dieting and gymsimple rule of thumb ==> calories intake < calories output per day* average calories needed for adult females - Multiply body weight by 10; add the body weight to this value.  i.e., for a 120 lb female, 1,200 + 120=1,320 cal/day BMRAll in all:  For sedentary people (Lets just say i am one): Weight x 14 = estimated cal/dayThings I've done so far:- Going to the gym on average 3 times a week for the past 3 weeks. - Eating only tofu, veggies, chicken and fish with very low amount of carbs (whole wheat bread and oatmeal)- Cut down on drinking, this mean only white wine and bacardi and diet coke (this drink only has 52 calories!)Things will do going forward:- continue this routine for however long i can last.Will keep you all posted!o yeah, i want to be able to do a split too, any Wushu experts can teach me how to stretch? this is a bit more difficult though......

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hey shan, your plan sounds good except... &quot;continue this routine for however long i can last.&quot; cos if this &quot;routine&quot; doesn't become your &quot;lifestyle&quot;, then all the good it does will disappear..or rather re-appear ...eventually. i would suggest a less intensive program which you are absolutely certain you'll be able to sustain..indefinitely split? i can't do that either ;P
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splits - its easy... we can show you.
over 15 years ago
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(how to stretch is easy, actually doing it is another question)...
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-0- u look great already.............
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You don't need to lose those 5 lbs. So, maybe you could develop the same will power, but by doing things for others on a regular basis, especially when you don't feel like it. Is there a cause you believe in--then volunteer X-times per month. Make it a point to help X number of people a day, especially people you don't think you like. Look for opportunities to bring positive energy to the world, and just keep doing it. You'll probably be so busy that you'll not have so much time to think about food and you'll be out and about so much interacting with others that you just might lose those 5 lbs, anyway. Or, you could take the time and develop the discipline to learn another language, learn to paint, write something that you then try and get published, develop a photo album, throw parties for your friends, learn to dance, learn a new sport, whatever. Any and all of these things require the same sort of discipline that losing those 5 lbs would, and you are interacting with others and putting something positive into the world at the same time. Just a thought...
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Good luck with the split and weight loss/new dietary workout plan. I need to gain 10 pounds...why is it so hard to gain weight *sigh*
over 15 years ago
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long time no see!! i want to see etchy show us a split... if u cut chicken and fish out... and become a raw vegetarian... u'll lose 5 lbs in no time... but really hard to do in HK.
over 15 years ago
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Don't get too skinny! :)
over 15 years ago
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i want to lose 10 lbs AND do the wushu splits! wo men yi qi practice, ba!
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Dear Shan, Cut out carbohydrates and fat totally and keep exercising you are skinny already but you can still loose 5 pounds. To be honest you should measure yourself and work on losing inches instead of pounds or else get your body fat measured ans set a goal like 15% body fat. It is more objective that way. Weight is misleading you might drop five pounds because your bone density or muscle mass or the size of your liver and heard drops. That is definitely not healthy and your metabolic rate will drop and make you gain more fat. It's quite common to see women in HK who are light because they have no muscle and low bone density but they still have little bellies because they are still carrying 30% body fat. I will give you a copy of Nartasha Law's article about this when I see you on 21st. By all means try and be as lean as you can it will help prevent cancer and heart disease but suggest you look at measurements or 5 body fat rather than pounds. Mark Ps I can recommend a great personal trainer who is super lean herself
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Breakfast: 2 cigarettes on the way to work. A 20 ounce diet coke and a large coffee upon arrival. Lunch: A few more cigarettes. Snack: A cigarette and another cup of coffee. Dinner: A regular meal fit for a human being. There you have it. It is all very, very simple.
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You are one of those people that stays skinny and doesn't have to work out. If you want to tone up and lose fat, try doing spinning class and yoga. I've been working out since I was 16 yrs old and I know its helped me control some bad eatting habits. I think it should be easy for you!! Just stay motivated and put pictures of Gisele Bunchen or Paris Hilton in front of you. :-) By the way, you look HOT in RED!!!
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Hmm what Annie said. Try some martial arts too, helps with everything. Well depending on the style you do.
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i like funny people.

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