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Beijing issuing veiled threats to the foreign Consular staff in Hong Kong.

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Many more in the city appear to support the aims of the protests than simply those on the streets in the huge protests. Volunteers have been contributing a vast quantity of food and supplies to the demonstrators in support of the cause. The political aims of the protesters appear to have struck a deep chord with many in the city. The people of Hong Kong have stood up and been counted. It is not going to be so easy for Beijing to quell the desires of a large portion of the citizens of Hong Kong just by simply quelling the physical demonstrators.

The new face of Hong Kong--a protester with mask, goggles, umbrella and plastic wrapped arm to protect against pepper spray and tear gas being used against the peaceful protesters.

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Not a single rock has been thrown by a protester, not a single molotov cocktail has been lobbed at police, no looting, no shots being fired by protesters--and this is how the HK police respond to peaceful prosters, with riot gear and assault riffles?

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Peaceful HK demonstrators attacked by tear gas and rubber bullets. #OccupyCentral #hkclassboycott

HK authorities shut down Internet and mobile network in Admiralty and Wanchai.

On Taipei's Liberty Square, some 1,000-strong Taiwanese people have moved there, joining the global demonstration in support of Hong Kong's fight for democracy.

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If true, TVB is now just a mouthpiece of Beijing. What a sad day for HK!

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Confrontation with the police

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