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Even as the end is nearing for the Admiralty Occupy site, the flow of artistic creativity continues.

This article from Apple Daily dated October 3, 1996(!) speaks for itself. Sadly, the answer to most of the 16 questions is, no.

This video presents a message from each of the 3 Scholarism hunger strikers. Their aims are very simple--they want the government to initiate talks to discuss Hong Kong's electoral future, and they want to draw attention to the excessive police brutality against the unarmed and peaceful protesters in Hong Kong.

If you are a fan of those "palace intrigue" TV series out of Asia, the current purges among Politburo members and Xi Jinping should have a familiar ring. All that is missing is greedy and evil palace eunuchs.

As someone whose Cantonese is rudimentary (on a good day) and who does not read and write even standard Chinese, the reddit live feed on the Umbrella movement has been invaluable in helping me get a sense of what my friends on the ground in HK are experiencing, virtually as it happens. I hope this feed has been archived somewhere for future reference by scholars and others.

Hong Kong scores high on the list of the dangers that threaten CCP control:

Western constitutional democracy human rights Western-inspired ideas of media independence Western-inspired ideas of civic participation

Fears of social unrest are persistent. In the spring of 2013, a memo named Document No. 9 that was distributed within the CCP outlined seven dangers that threatened the party's control, including "Western constitutional democracy," human rights, pro-market "neoliberalism," and Western-inspired ideas of media independence and civic participation.

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Marie Jost

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