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The live broadcast of the meeting between the student org and Hong Kong Gov't is 3am US PST Tues Oct 21 "live dialogue serves the Government" time: Tuesdays at 6 o'clock in the afternoon the umbrella revolution: YouTube: (Translated by Bing) The live broadcast of the meeting between the student org and Hong Kong gov't is 3am US PST Tues Oct 21 直播學聯政府對話 時間: 周二下午6時 雨傘革命: YouTube: /u/Glutter

For those of us in Eastern US (EST) that translates to 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. I should be able to follow at least the beginning of it live (via Reddit Occupy Central translation) when I get up tomorrow morning.

According to CY Leung, half of the people in HK earn less than $1,800 (must be USD) a month, which means they are living in poverty.

According to the NY Times: "The Beijing-appointed leader of Hong Kong, Leung Chun-ying, said Monday evening that allowing his successors to be chosen in an open election based on who won the greatest number of votes was unacceptable in part because it would produce policies skewed toward the poor."

So, in other words, HK cannot have truly representative government because half of its population is poor and the policies of the HK government is not interested in truly addressing those issues. CY Leung's solution to HK's deep economic problems--expand the supply of public housing. Not jobs, not economic stimulus and better education for the middle-class and those living in poverty, just more government housing units (where over 40% of HK residents currently reside because of high (and ever rising) housing costs).

Well, if half of the city is impoverished, then I would say the oligarchs who rule HK have a problem. Rome is burning and CY is fiddling. The future of HK is not a bright one and the current social problems will only increase if no real solutions are forthcoming from Beijing (through its proxy HK government).

What about all of the pro-Beijing demonstrators being bused in by China? Oh, it is China so I guess that doesn't count as "external forces," does it?

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Of Course CY Leung isn't referring to Chinese meddling (i.e., busing in large numbers of pro-Beijing protesters to block the distribution of the Apple Daily, or to clash with pro-democracy protesters in Mongkok).

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This article, summarizing some of the art being produced in HK as part of the Umbrella Movement, hopefully will put to rest the myth (believed by too may in HK) that there is no art in HK.

The voice of the people in Admiralty.

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Opinions of three ordinary women of various generations (but none students) and why they are supporting the students in HK. (with English subtitles)

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