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PICTURES ARE UP in the photo Album!!

I've included 4 here.







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Happy New Year from Sunny Southern Californi!!

Wishing the best for Alive not dead!!!!



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Sorry, I've been busy snowboarding.  Update soon!

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My New Year's Toast

I'd like to make a toast to all of you out there.  Artists, Friends, Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Teachers, Fans, and Lovers out there.    I want you to take a couple of minutes to think about all the things that you are thankful in your life.  Your health, your job, your partners, your family, your friends, your children, your computer, your cell phone, all the things we take for granted in our lives. 

 The soul is what makes us unique people, a human being with deep feelings and a capacity for strong relationships.  Our souls comes alive in chereished friendships, family gatherings, and the care that you bring to your home.  Sorround yourself with people who allow you to feel loved and cherished.

 Now for next year, I'd like you to dedicate this new year to you!   If you have a passion for something, go out after it.  EVEN if it means failing because trying is better than never knowing.  So, for 2009, I'd like to make a toast to all of you out there that have been living your life because you thought you were doing something because its moralistic or not doing something because the people around you won't understand or approve of it. 

LOVE YOURSELF and the rest will follow.

Happy Holidays and to a Fantastic New Year!

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ALIVE NOT DEAD ARTIST and MEMBER Meet Up in January!!!


You Want it, We're doing it!!


January 17th 2009.  SAVE THE DATE.  Details are still being worked out and I will announce it once they are almost/ all finalized. 

Please let me know for those that are interested so I can sort of get a estimated headcount.   And I'll leave with a little holiday video for you to enjoy

Marie Digby.  BRING ME LOVE

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AnD in LA!?!??!

Okay, I'm really sorry I haven't blogged in awhile.  I've got finals and a bunch of stuff going on I haven't had time to blog but I've tried to read many of your blogs!! And, its almost the NEW YEAR!!  Can you believe it? Time flys by so fast!! 2009!!

So this is what I'm thinking, there seems to be more and more L.A. Alive Not Dead people here so Why not do some gathering/ get together every two months?  We can start one in January to get the first one started in 2009.  I just want to see how many people are interested so that I'll actually start planning it and book a place to have it at.  Some possiblities are :

Booking a few lanes at Lucky Strikes, Meeting up at a local Bar, Attending a acting workshop just for Alive not Dead members, a photography lesson with a fellow Alive Not Dead photographer, etc.  

So just curious if ANYBODY in LOS ANGELES Area would interested in attending, participating, or volunteering for a Alive Not Dead Los Angeles event ??

Thanks Guys/Gals!!

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My Halloween

My Halloween.. More to update later.


Then the other costume...

Sorry guys.. been busy .

Update soon.  Enjoy the pictures!  Hopefully I'll blog again before the Reef Check event this Saturday!!

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Aids Walk Los Angeles

This past Sunday Vince and I went to the Aids Walk Los Angeles.   We had a great time and we both walked with my team at Rock & Republic.  We woke up at 7am in the morning so we could get some decent parking because about 30,000 people were expected to be at this event. 

Here are some  pictures:


Getting ready for the 10k event!

Our Rock & Republic Group

Vince came along with me to support the cause!

How cute are they?

Over 30k people came to support the Aids Walk event in Los Angeles

The Crowd of people


It Was a Hot Hot Day!

The Back of our Rock & Republic Tank Top


At the FInish!



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AnDead in Los Angeles

So 4 artists got together because Quinn came back to L.A for a couple of weeks and he invited us to have dinner with him & his dad.  (Also on AliveNDead)  It was nice to get together with everyone.   

Some pictures:

Jaime & Quinn walking

Justice and Quinn...

Justice & Quinn.... They almost look like brothers....

Justice , Quinn, and Jaime...

Me & Justice posing for camera..

Quinn and his "prom" pose...

Quinn in front of the motorcycle used from the movie ... I forget... the one with Nicholas Cage..

Trying to catch Jaime from the back but she caught me!!

Quinn, Annie, & Justice...

Thanks for dinner Mr. Johnson.  Always great to meet other artists on Alive not Dead! 


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Back in California

First week back in California after my two week "Vacation".  Started my third quarter at FIDM and it was very exciting!  I LOVE my classes t, professors seem pretty cool, and I'm taking 19 credits all in my ten week quarter so I can hurry up and finish by June '09!!  Basically cleaned out my office and sorted my closets to get ready for Fall.  Yes, I'm a clothes nerd.  I spend lots of time "organizing" my clothes. I coordinate my closet by colors and fabrics.   

I also got back into the gym after a vacation break.  Took 3 spinning classes this week and two yoga classes as well as trying to run 2 miles every time I go to the gym.  I'm planning on going at least 6 times a week with 4 spinning classes , 4 yoga classes, and also running 3-5 times/ week.  My goal for the fall is to try and eat more healthy.


Here are some pictures from my recent trip to Maryland


 Suzan is dating my bro... which is not pictured anywhere..

Night out at Dupont Circle, DC

Right outside Bob's Chili Bowl

But.. now back in Los Angeles...

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