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Rorschach Walls

Bonus features for Rorschach Walls

Live Jazz with Mark Peter

End of Night Charity Auction

We will auction the photo voted best of the night and the proceeds will go direct to Angelcare




爵士音樂 - 由Mark Peter 現場演奏







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As some of you know by now Brink magazine is on hold while I am doing my MA in photography. Much as I loved running Brink, I also loved photogaphy and I has been promising myself an MA in photography. So i shelved Brink for a while and started an MA in photography.  But don't worry When I graduate I will re-start Brink bigger and better than before.

My MA has been working out well and inspired me to go into areas of photography I had never ventured into. One of the results was Rorschach Walls a collection of close-up photographs of wall...Read more

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Music for Haiti

Music for Haiti poetry will be on Tuesday 11th of March at THE MELTING POT in SOHO (8pm to 11:45pm (but we might go later with enough encouragement). Our MC for the evening will be Lisa S.  So all you Lisa S. Fans should stampede down there. If Lisa isn't enough for you we also have the lovely Ginger Kwan, Mark Peter of Piano, Zane Massey on Sax, Karissa Muse on Guitar and the hottest Jazz Band in town. YoMamma. Other artists wishing to play can contact the Musical Director Mark Peter. If you are an up and comming performer this is the pl...Read more

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Added Bonus


Session data

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And again

Thanks to everyone who came to our last Jazz Poetry Night at MELTING POT a few weeks ago last week and a sound spanking to those who didn't. I would also like to give a special thanks to Kristina Lao and her lovely manager Raven for turning up at short notice and putting on a great acoustic act together with our resident sax/flute player Zane Massey.

As usual our keyboard man Mark Peter provided superb backing for our featured poets Siu Long, Claire Lee and Ben Mackie. Veronique Fisher also turned up with a surprise poem and I finally ...Read more

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Next Jazz Poetry Night

Thanks to all of you who have been supporting Brink in general and our Jazz Poetry nights in particular. Please come down to the next one at Culture Club on 24th March  where you will be rewarded free wine and luxury chocolates. Check our events listing for details and a chance to RSVP


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Brink Magazine 2nd Anniversary Party

In case anybody missed our lat Jazz Poetry Night, at Culture Club, we have already scheduled another for 21st April (at The Wanch 54 Jaffe rd Wanchai.), I hope many of you found time to pop into pop into Culture Club one evening and have a look at our The Brink Exhibition. There were superb paintings, sculptures and signed limited edition photographs there ranging in price from $1199HK up to $200,000HK so there was sure to be something there to suit your budget.  All of these artists have good pedigrees and there work wil...Read more

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My first blog

Well it seems I've been officially upgraded to 'artist' status. So now I have to start blogging. First off if you want to know what I'm about go to our website www.brinkatl.com or go to a bookshop e.g. Dymocks or Bookazine (or if you really want to show off go to Armani Libri) and get a copy of Brink. There are still copies of last issue around and I'd advise collectors to collect them. Then subscribe to get a full set of back issues. We are running out of these sets. So ...Read more

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Please come and support my first venture into abstract photography. It's called Rorshach Walls and running at Laurence Lai Gallery up on the Peak. There will be

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