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The Max at MaxMara Malaysia


I got an invite by mail to attend MaxMara’s Official Launch at Pavillion last week and was completely estatic because this is a great luxury fashion retailer! With a handful of other celebrities being invited, I was honoured to attend alongside Soong Ai Ling, Danielle Graham and Bern...Read more

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VIDEO - Coming Clean

OK. I have to confess, I was considering avoiding putting up these videos but I figure something is always better than nothing! Let me just set out my disclaimer - I did not have any part in writing the scrīpt nor did the producers. This was entirely a Whisper initiative for “Happy Periods” which of course is a great way to spin positivity to the menstrual cycle.

I was invited to speak in a forum with my co-stars about periods and it was the first time such a topic has been newsworthy! Oh well, I hope you enjoy these vids - a 3-p...Read more

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The Spirit of Singapore


(JoJo lost in her own town, FeiFei the expat-SPG / just kidding!)

Since I’ve been on this little island, the rain has definitely affected my moods… and its not like I see any sign of durian that can pull me out of my misery. Read more

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A drive down Kota Kinabalu


Last week I travelled so much I couldn’t even remember much except that everything went by so fast! I have been working with Malaysia.com which has been recently acquired by a Canadian web developing/hosting company which meant that I scored this gig thru the Western world! (Thank God I put in 12...Read more

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I’m rockin some new threads…


(…feeling sexy with my new gym gear)

I stocked up on some wicked threads today! With the help of Nike Malaysia, I just got even more excited to hit the gym! I swear, these clothes make me feel incredible!! I’m a huge fan of colour and their new Sister line has tons of great splashes o...Read more

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Sarah hearts Shu Uemura.


I’m glad to say I’m officially a SHU-girl! It’s been a year being in Malaysia and just shy of a year actually working in Malaysia. I’ve landed a beauty deal with the makeup brand Shu Uemura, who’s tagline reads: Beautiful Make-Up starts with Beautiful Skin. I couldn’t agree more! 

I had...Read more

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Video LINK - Hunny Madu EP Launch


Randommania - Hunny Madu EP Launch

 I had the pleasure of covering hip-hop / jazz singer Hunny Madu’s EP Launch at No Black Tie. Among the list of achievements she’s had, she’s also a great perfor...Read more

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Durian Time!


I don’t know if you guys know already, but my top three favourite food items are: French Fries, Durian and White Chocolate. At any time, I can gladly introduce either of these dishes to my meal… I’m not kidding, I could do durian with rice and I’d be just as content!

Anyhow, I’m back from my trip to ...Read more

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Viva la Vida!


 (Just after our bartending shift!)

Coldplay’s Viva la Vida is playing on my iTunes and i’m falling in love with the song!!

It’s Friday and I’m so thankful that this week is almost over, which means the end of the month! I can’t believe we’re walking into March already, soon it’ll b...Read more

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(Photo: Ahmad Saiful) 

I wish I were Superwoman.

I wish I could slow time down because it keeps on speeding up on me!

I just got back from the beautiful island of Langkawi and it already feels like I’m a hamster just running in a wheel. I’ve got a couple events on the morrow and thankfully I managed to have a couple shoots postponed for next week, so I have breathers to run my errands. I’m...Read more

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