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You stay classy San Diego !!!

After flying out to Reno to perform in my dad's show (Scott blogged about it here) we decided to swing by San Diego before making our way back home.  It was awesome getting a few days to see some old friends and take in the nice California weather. Plus I got to catch up on all the In-N-Out burgers I missed.....! Every time we fl...Read more

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Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  I hope you guys got to enjoy some family time and got to eat some good turkey....

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Simon Birch: Looking for Antonio Mak !!!

Thursday night we went to support our friend and amazing artist Simon Birch at the Hong Kong Museum of Art.  The exhibition "Looking for Antonio Mak" features real pieces of the popular sculptor with other artists paying tribute to him with their own work and interpretations (the exhibition lasts until Jan 28). After that we went to the Louis Vuitton TST store to check out Simon's other exhibition "Out of the Darkness" docum...Read more

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iPhone Upload #2 !!!

Family di...Read more

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Ben Folds Five Reunion !!!

On September 18th 2008 Ben Folds Five had a reunion gig and played their last album "The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner" from beginning to end.  At first it didn't sell like their first couple of releases and was considered a bomb by their label.  But in time the album built a following (kind of like Weezer's Pinkerton) and ended up being a classic.  Since I'm a huge fan of their stuff I was super happy to see that Myspace filmed it all.  Check it out!

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C.A.S.H. Awards !!!

Last week we went to the C.A.S.H. annual dinner/awards and it fun watching some great singers, songwriters, lyricists, and arrangers get credit for all their hard work this year.  I always get stoked on how much everyone accomplishes and it makes me want to push myself to write the best songs possible.  That would be cool if one day I get nominated for writing something great.  Good job everyone!


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Le Lot !!!

The last stop of our London trip was Le Lot (South of France).  We decided it would be a great opportunity to finally visit my Auntie and check out the peaceful French countryside.  It was nice not being on the move for a few days and getting a chance to enjoy the clear weather.  It was a trip because the town we stayed in was so remote that if there was more than 2 cars on the road it would be considered a traffic jam!  Hopefully we'll make it be back to Europe again sometime soon........au revoir!

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AnD Halloween Party !!!

Last night we went to the Alivenotdead Halloween Party at LKF and it rocked.  It was awesome seeing everyone dressed up and having lots of fun taking pictures.  I only snapped a few but I'm sure you'll see a whole lot more cool stuff on everyones blogs.  Hats off to Patrick, Raffi, Terence, and the rest of the AnD guys for pulling it all together so well.  Good times indeed....

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100,000 Hits !!!

I just realized I passed the 100,000 mark on Alivenotdead today.  Wow!  Thanks for all the love, you guys rock!  I'll continue to try to update as much as possible and just wanna say how stoked I am to be apart of a such a cool community of people.  Happy Halloween!

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Vans x Steve Caballero !!!

Last week I took a friend of mine down to 8Five2 to check things out and I freaked out when I saw the new Vans X Steve Caballero Era Pro.  Without thinking twice I bought them, took them home, and just sat there admiring this dope tribute to one of my favorite skaters of all time!

The reason why I dig these so much is because they used the old 1987 Steve Caballero graphics.  Classic!

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