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Toronto - Winter Wonderland|多倫多 - 冬日奇境|多伦多 - 冬日奇境


Here are some pictures of the SHEONE event before i left to Toronto.

Next day I flew out to Toronto. At first it wasn't so bad - looked like spring was right around the corner here but that changed quite quickly and rapidly. I think the plane ride was around 15 hours which was incredibly long and exhausting, but well worth the wait to see family.

On our way home from the Airport. Weather was pretty clear but wait....

HoLy it's fah fah fahreeezing on this end of T.O ... @_@!!!

Yes that is a bum on my T-Shirt.. I love this shirt.

Here is CALEB, super excited - haven't seen him for quite some time now! It's nice to come home to one of my pups - he was super excited to see me hah! Yes yes, he loves to play with socks.

Here is my dog trying to play "hiding go seek". Mmm... Yup, it's obviously not working for him... Poor fella.

Here is my lil Niece with her best friend - which is on the left. They are both very ADORABLE.

This is what happens when you accidently take a 2 year old's spoon! Not my fault your using adult spoons dude! Well - I wasn't using it but he "claims" it's his. I think he actually looks like the Ron English GRIN toy here. :) his head shape is like Charlie Brown.

So it started snowing like crazy.. The weather here is really insane.

Just look at these poor kids walking home.

So far that's my Toronto trip so far! Looking forward to heading to HK again but will miss all this winter wonderland!! it's always nice to see family ofcourse and the dogs - Looking forward to heading back to Asia though.

PeAce Everyone and God Bless.

Pat LEe


這是幾張我去多倫多之前參加 SHEONE 活動的照片。





這是CALEB,超興奮-從沒看見過他像現在這樣!! 回到家看到我的狗狗真好 - 他看到我也是超級興奮,哈! 是的是的,他喜歡玩襪子。



當你突然拿走一個兩歲小孩的勺子就會出現這樣的狀況!不是我的錯小朋友,你用的是大人的勺子!好吧,我不用了,但是他“堅稱”這是他的。我覺得他看起來像RON ENGLISH的GRIN公仔:)他的頭型很像Charlie Brown。



迄今為止是我多倫多之行最遠的一次了。期待再回到香港但是這又會錯過這全部的冬日仙境!!當然了,看到家人和狗狗真好-盡管我很期待回亞洲。 大家安好,上帝保佑 Pat LEe


这是几张我去多伦多之前参加 SHEONE 活动的照片。





这是CALEB,超兴奋-从没看见过他像现在这样!! 回到家看到我的狗狗真好 - 他看到我也是超级兴奋,哈! 是的是的,他喜欢玩袜子。



当你突然拿走一个两岁小孩的勺子就会出现这样的状况!不是我的错小朋友,你用的是大人的勺子!好吧,我不用了,但是他“坚称”这是他的。我觉得他看起来像RON ENGLISH的GRIN公仔:)他的头型很像Charlie Brown。


看看这些回家路上的可怜小朋友。 迄今为止是我多伦多之行最远的一次了。期待再回到香港但是这又会错过这全部的冬日仙境!!当然了,看到家人和狗狗真好-尽管我很期待回亚洲。

大家安好,上帝保佑Pat LEe


about 14 years ago 0 likes  43 comments  0 shares
Photo 319485
Great pics :) Thanks for sharing! You should've come to Vancouver!! It's been really sunny around 16C-19C degrees (Thank God!) I even wore a Summer Skirt & Top today!! Enjoy catching up with the Fam & I'm still looking forward to catching on of your shows in Asia! ~Shairah~
about 14 years ago
dude ... please take good care of urself !!!
about 14 years ago
Sarahlian 2
OMFG- I'm so glad I live in Asia!
about 14 years ago
Photo 34128
Wow, looks like Beijing this past winter...except for the snow.
about 14 years ago
Photo 38345
o O , toronto eh...how long will u be there for?... come to nyc...and lets go to atlantic city and gamble... r u down? hope all is well.... ohm
about 14 years ago
oh freak'n brrrrr.... don't miss these days, only the snowboarding
about 14 years ago
Photo 62424
it looks beautiful from afar, but I don't think I'd wanna be standing in the middle of one of those snowstorms...
about 14 years ago
Photo 41044
we have it lucky in Vancouver..only rain. although we got a piece of the action on april fool's w/a fresh blanket of snow too :p How long are you in t.o. for?
about 14 years ago


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