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Moët Tribute to Asian Film

Had a lovely time at the Moët Tribute to Asian Film celebration of Fan Bing Bing’s role as their global Ambassador. As usual, an event like this always brings out the bold and the beautiful.


Ever since moving back to Malaysia, I’ve been running out of dresses (first world problems i know) so I dug a little deeper and found my old prom dress from high school. It is a backlesss slinky number with a cowl neck. I hadn’t worn this after so many years and I’m glad I still fit into it!

Since this was quite revealing in some ways, I kept my hair to finger waves and soft curls to keep the look quite retro. Absolutely loved what the hairstylist did to it!



I’m not really that tiny! But it definitely looks like it next to these two – Carey Ng and Steve Yap!

Take a look at the beautiful event here:

Congratulations on a beautiful event Moët & Chandon!

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Sarah Lian in It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

It’s amazing how wonderful the world works! A couple months ago, I had a scheduled ADR session for the final touches to Jasmine (a feature I shot in Hong Kong back in 2009). I had the chance to have a quick chat with director Dax Phelan after our sesh and he told me to watch out for an email coming my way! Although the film hasn’t been out yet, he showed the feature to first-time director Emily Ting who would be shooting her feature in Hong Kong in the next month! Emily enjoyed my performance in Jasmine and asked me personally if I would like to get involved.

She sent over her scrīpt, “It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong” and I had a good read through. I loved it. Since living in Hong Kong a few years back, I have my own impressions of the city and I thought she nailed it, with the dialogue and the imagery I had in my head. This was definitely something beautiful and something authentic and I especially loved the romantic moments.


Here’s the The Hollywood Reporter: Bryan Greenberg, Jamie Chung star in It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong


After a couple emails back and forth, we figured out the logistics and ta-da. I found myself involved in another film project in Hong Kong, again!

2014-05-28 02.24.33 2014-05-28 02.09.59-1

Had a chance to work with the real-life lovely couple Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung who are just as lovable off screen as they are on screen. Although I have a tiny little role in this film, it was nice to work with them and give them as much as I could to accelerate their performance! Emily said that I was going to be the “villain” of the scene and I think I must’ve done a good job because I kept giving the stink eye to Jamie take after take!

2014-05-28 02.08.36-3

I finally was able to steal some snaps with producer Sophia Shek who was still chirpy at 3am to say goodbye. Had a fun experience and I’m glad everything went according to plan. This seemed like such a lovely production

**Thank you Dax for sharing with people our work together— this is project #3 now that you’ve got me on. Hopefully there’ll be more to come! ;)

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Health Today Cover June 2014

I get to be a cover girl again for the month of June! Had a lovely chat with the writer Phraveen about things that keep me busy and things that I have been up to!


I managed to give a little shoutout to Bodytone as this studio has singlehandedly got me back my body after copious amounts of eating that I haven’t been able to deny.

I’m also the first-ever brand ambassador of Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre and talked about some of the wonderful healthy aging services they provide. We had this interview a couple days after my friend Jeremy Little passed away from lymphoma and cancer was definitely on my mind. BWMC has this wonderful genetic screening procedure that helps detect every cancer known in your genes before they become cancerous. Think about prevention people!



Life a la Lian – I love the title! I always wonder how creative writers can be after being written about so often. Thank you for the lovely feature and article and thank you Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre for helping me provide them with my photos!

Enjoy the article friends! :)

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Patience when you have nothing.

Two things define you: Patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.


My journey feels like it has been a tumultuous one. I’ve lived back and forth in North America and Asia over the past 6 years and after many trips across the Pacific (and sometimes Atlantic), I finally feel like I can sit still.

I feel like I can appreciate the stillness of life and let whatever happen, happen. Money comes, money goes, jobs come, jobs go. I used to get so antsy about work not coming my way or projects not seeing the light of day. I used to fret so much about that stuff. But now, as long as I can look after myself, everything else seems like a bonus.

Although I have decided to be based back in Asia, specifically Kuala Lumpur, I find myself flying more and more within the ASEAN region. Thankfully they are just short little trips and I get to sleep in my own bed, in my 1000 threadcount sheets! (I’m very proud that I’ve graduated from Ikea bedsheets)

This must be a sign of growing up! But I am truly grateful to be in this position and blessed to be able to live my dreams everyday. I don’t take this for granted and I know how lucky I am.

I had someone come up to me telling me that they used to read my blog back in my old Xanga days (that really dates me) and it made me reminisce how self-centred I used to be. My 20s were really all about me, myself and I, whereas I feel my 30s is about leaving a legacy and having a positive impact with people that I meet along the way.

I believe in the power of positivity and the power of good energy. I am thankful that I can smile cheek to cheek authentically because I’m happy where I am here and now. I guess all it took was a little maturity and a lot of patience.



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Video LINK: UNCAGE Anthony Chen for Tiger Beer

A couple months ago, I got a call that I had booked a commercial in Singapore. It was a quick trip down for Tiger Beer’s ‘UNCAGE’ series of ads around the region. I would be an actress playing an actress for Singaporean director Anthony Chen.


Anthony Chen is a filmmaker that hails from Singapore and won them their first prestigious Palm D’Or award in Cannes. His film Ilo Ilo won many awards including the Golden Horse Award and Malaysia’s Yeoh Yann Yann also brought an award home for Best Actress.

The whole time it felt like a serious case of Inception because they were directing Anthony to direct. I was an actress playing an actress in a pretend movie he was shooting but not shooting. Hahaha well I had a ton of fun and it was nice working in Singapore! I’m surprised I hadn’t done much work across the causeway – hopefully there will be more opportunities to come!


2014-03-09 17.38.20

2014-03-11 13.15.09

2014-03-11 13.21.10


I was looked after really well and had such a lovely experience with the Singapore and Australian team. Fun times indeed – I hope you guys like the commercial. It has a wonderful message and the imagery is fantastic. Kudos to DROGA5!

And super big thank you for my cousin MY for letting me stay at hers everytime I scuffle over to Singapore!


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Red Hot

Let’s keep it hot. Red hot. Had such a blast with the GLAM dream team. Keep your eyes out for June issue.

Snap, snap.

2014-04-28 16.43.36


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Women@Work powered by GE

I had the opportunity to be part of an amazing panel of women speaking at a forum that was hosted during BMW Malaysian Open for WTA last month. I had such a wonderful time talking to those that attended as well as some of the other women who had such beautiful stories to share. 


(All of us in a row – stole this from Nicole David’s FB page)

2014-04-18 00.24.40(First session of speakers)

A speaking program focused on highlighting the increasingly important role women are playing across every tenet of modern day society, the ‘Women @ Work’ presented by GE event will feature speakers that include sports personalities Venus Williams and Datuk Nicol David; corporate leaders Datuk Yvonne Chia and Tan Sri Dr Jemilah Mahmood as well as the Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sports, YB En Khairy Jamaluddin.

Women@Work presented by GE brought together a diverse set of personalities for it’s inaugural forum here. Attended by over 150 guests, guests were treated to up close and personal presentations and spirited discussions between the speakers and several topical panels that were spread across the day long event. The topics discussed include, Diversity of Success, Women Supporting Women, Enabling Environment and Key of Success.

The accompanying photo exhibition showcased the stories of the speakers and women from various backgrounds. These included a chef, a cancer survivor, a dancer and many other inspirational women with compelling success stories to share.

“Women@Work presented by GE is the logical next step for the BMW Malaysian Open. We have for the past four years been focused on enhancing the talents and abilities of women in the sport of tennis and this has also highlighted the power that sports plays in empowering every aspect of our young talent’s lives. This forum and the photo exhibition celebrates that by showcasing examples of empowered women from all walks of life and their unique stories,” said Dr. Gerhard Pils, President & CEO, BMW Group Malaysia.

The speakers this year included:

•    Minister Of Youth and Sports YB En Khairy Jamaluddin;

•    The first woman during the Open Era to win the singles Grand Slam, Margaret Court;

•    Tan Sri Dr Jemilah Mahmood, President of MERCY Malaysia

•    Malaysia’s own women’s squash legend and world number 1, Datuk Nicol David;

•    North American, Asian entertainer and brand ambassador of Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, Sarah Lian;

•    Editor in Chief of Marie Claire Malaysia, Mindy Teh.

•    Consultant Aesthetic Physician of Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, Dr Karen Po

2014-04-17 16.59.20

Thanks Karen Millen Malaysia for the beautiful dress!

I think events like these are fantastic to inspire other women. We all have our own stories, we have our struggles and we have our own journey. Each step brings us closer to the next goal, you keep pushing forward until you look back and realise how far along you have come.

I believe that this willpower is in all of us, and as women we may face a few more hurdles than men but that doesn’t mean we can’t get there. I’m so happy to be part of this beautiful movement to empower women. Whether you are in business, sports, medicine, entertainment or anything between, you deserve all the success you work hard for!

Other Links:

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Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty Cover April 2014

I’m averaging one post a month. Not good. But on the flipside, life has been busy! I’ve been smelling the roses! :)


Here’s my cover last month with Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty. It lines up perfectly with my new role as Beverly Wilshire Medical Center and Dental Center’s first-ever Brand Ambassador. I had a good long chat with writer Mariel Chow and we talked about all sorts of things in this “aesthetic world”.



Had a really fun team to shoot with and managed to get some nice baubles from local brand Dipped Row too! It was over and done before I knew it– life has been really interesting and I’ve been learning to let go of my worries and just go with the flow. It’s really liberating and I’ve only been looking back to make sure that I never make the same mistake twice.

Hope you guys enjoy this interview! I’ll try to write more! Promise!!


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Faces Magazine March 2014 Cover

My darling Sarah decided to shoot me again, this time for Faces Magazine. It was great to work with the awesome team that always produces amazing photos. I also met Peter Davis for the first time! He’s definitely a sweetheart and I can’t imagine the kind of beating he does with his MMA Fighting.

This more or less solidifies my return back to the Malaysian entertainment scene. I’ve been building a lot of my work outside of Malaysia but now it’s time to focus and hone my market and watch it grow again. :)

FacesMar14_cover FacesMar14_2 FacesMar14_1 FacesMar14_3

Stylist: Sarah Saw

Make-Up: Gavin Soh

Photographer: Kah Mun

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Happy Lunar New Year

I’ve been saying Happy Chinese New Year to everyone but I must remember that not everything belongs to the Chinese..hahah So Happy Lunar New Year to everyone who’s in the midst of their celebrations with their families! 


I’m so fortunate to be in Malaysia and I’m still able to collect my “ang pows”. I’ve been shuffling from one open house to the next and I’m extremely happy to have my reunion dinners and eat delicious food.

Wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous one in the Year of the Horse.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! … and May the “Horse” be with You! ;)

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