Sarah Lian

I've got a 'fan-ban' copy of River of Exploding Durians from the director @edmundyeo himself! #tokyofilmfestival #malaysiandirector #supportlocal

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My new HL bank app can send money to anyone! Cardless-Withdrawal FTW!! Who wants monnaaayyyy?? PExing Made Easy!! #hlbank #pex

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My latest blog on "Forgiving Myself".

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Forgiving myself.: I’ve been struggling with my own personal development because I have issues with letting go...

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Chee Cheong Fun - well deserved lunch! :) #chinatown #petalingst #madraslane #cheecheongfun

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Ready to pengsan! Wall walks- burpees - hand-to-knee raises and lots of running in the hot sun! 🏃☀️=👳😅 good workout @pushmorecrossfit #sweatitout #crossfit #pushmore

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Babygirl @kimchiraymond - we were Wang-ing it tonight! #alexanderwangxhm

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Hi! Fashion fun tonight with @zakwananuar's white overall/jumpsuit! @lulsdemans #supportlocal #malaysiandesigner

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Hi! Fashion fun tonight with zakwananuar's white overall/jumpsuit! @luludemansor #supportlocal…

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Sarah Lian

Actor, Show Host, Model


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Job TV Host
Favorite Movies Requiem for a Dream, The Last Emperor, Zoolander, Pay it Forward
Languages Spoken english, cantonese, hokkien
Fans 772

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