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When a great project comes along, you just have to go for it. I've met so many great people from this one role which has led to so many more amazing projects since then- Jen & Dax I'm looking at you both! That's the beauty of this industry, go for what makes your heart beat a little faster and everything else will fall into place. I'll be attending the World Premiere and I encourage my #HongKong buddies to get a ticket and join me! #Jasmine #HKIFF2015

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Working with @eugeniecml adding new clients to our list!! We are growing! :) #SuppagoodCollective- #htceliteangels #HTCDesireEye #HTCSA #HTCMalaysia

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I love the texture of my new rug! 😍😍😍 #homedecor #interiordesign

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I'm among many amazing women who are part of a great campaign by @marieclairemalaysia for Women's Aid...

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Nothing like a Monday morning Canadian lumberjack to say hello! This is @spizoiky - straight from the Northern woodlands! X #lumberjack

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A heart that sighs has not what it desires. #sundaze

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I'm among many amazing women who are part of a great campaign by @marieclairemalaysia for Women's Aid Organization! Post an "out of bed" selfie between 1 March- 30 April, and RM10 will be donated to #WAO! Don't forget to use the hashtags #mcwakeup2agoodcause & #MarieClaireMalaysia!

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She just fell asleep so easily @mrsblingblingming! #cocoa

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That's a wrap for Day 1! Halfway there! Thanks @sazzyfalak - @peteshiroku! @suppagood project in action! #suppagoodcollective #suppagoodtalent

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Giving and collecting Ang Pows is the fun part of CNY! But for those that aren't close enough to warrant a visit, #PeX them and send money through your mobile phone! Spread the love, spread the joy! #hlbank

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