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Our beautiful bride @deborahenry looking stunning in her white gown, with my #fcdcrew @effie6 and @muimahmud. Udaipur will forever be etched in our hearts. #deborajiv2017 #udaipur #theoberoiudaipur

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After an incredible weekend, I'm so glad I can stretch my legs and get back some much needed beauty sleep. Find out more on bit.ly/MHxSarah_Lian #MalaysianAirlines #BusinessClass #LifeEnriched #travel #MHxSarahLian

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Ready for dinner. Can't believe it's our last night here already!

(📷: @muimahmud) #udaipur #theoberoiudaipur #deborajiv2017

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Can't wait for dinner tonight! Last night's inflight meal while watching War Dogs was awesome. Wanna know how you can enjoy this too? Click here - bit.ly/MHxSarah_Lian to find out now.

MalaysianAirlines #A330 #BusinessClass #LifeEnriched #MHxSarahLian #travel #luxeliving

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Taking it all in. Love this wrap by @aliabastamamkl. ❤ #supportlocal #aliabastamam

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In case you missed it: Episode 7 on #LuxeAsia3

The European luxury that is Richard Mille is exclusive for the 1% of the 1%. With personalities like Michelle Yeoh 楊紫瓊 and Jean Todt fronting the brand, you can't go wrong!


Channel NewsAsia activeTV Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille Jenson Button

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Oh what a day it has been. Finally able to chill down before Delhi! Find out how you can experience this at bit.ly/MHxSarah_Lian now! Thanks @effie6 for taking this shot!

MalaysianAirlines #A330 #businessclass #lifeenriched #travel #MHxSarahLian

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Pick your moments. Patience is a conquering virtue. (📷: @mwcs13)

quotes #qotd #bwphoto #patience #sarahlian #styledbysarahsaw #sarahscolds

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Thank you @segiedu Mass Commers for recognizing me as one of your role models! You are lucky to have such amazing facilities and various programs to help you fulfill your dreams! Thank you for having me at your launch this morning! #segitower #foccdsegi

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Woke up this morning after my final shoot with #ProjectMerdeka feeling bittersweet. It has been so humbling to be a small part of the Malaysian filmmaking scene. The crew that is the first to arrive and the last to leave, has dedication in their work and it shows. Their commitment allows us performers to shine and I am so grateful for such a great team. Last night was an emotional one because of the genuine friendships formed and the importance of telling beautiful Malaysian stories. I cannot wait for people to see this and haven't been more proud and patriotic to...Read more

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September 9, 2008