Sarah Lian

Baby got Bebek! Chomped on this crispy duck tonight! Selamat Berbuka! #makan #sedap #bebek #dirtyduckdiner #ubud

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The monkey took 3 bananas and my dignity after it was done with me. My top lost a button and it didn't even take a second look. Haiiii ... 😒 Monkey 1 Sarah 0 #bali #ubud #monkeyforest #monyet

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🐒🍌 How cliche. #Bali

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Girls just wanna have fun! Flashback to Singapore last weekend! What do you think of my dress? #fashionfix

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Now this gets interesting... What is going on here? What animals this time? All I know is that these towel animals are gettin' busy!! 🙈 #Bali #hotelaction

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Selamat Pagi Dong! Back in the makeup chair shooting for #HistoryChannel. I can see the effects of @stripjuice's cleanse working. My face is less bloated and the grapefruit juice right from the beginning meant it would be a good start! With a huge injection of antioxidants, vit C and ending it off with Almond Milk has had a lasting effect on my skin too! Would def recommend all these juices to take to reset your system! #stripjuice #coldpress #juicecleanse #kualalumpur

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Definitely gonna try this when my schedule is back in order! #Repost @purelyb with @repostapp. ・・・ One of the main reasons it's so difficult to break bad eating habits is because we don't know where to start.

Some helpful tips for beginners: make a big list of all the delicious healthy foods you can still eat while trying to lose weight. Drinking a lot of water, sleeping well and exercising 5-6x a week (running and lifting) will help your body lean out and tone up.

Sign up for our 21-day Kickstart to A Healthy Lifestyle Programme (at 20% off!) and get useful lifestyle, nutrition and mindset tips, yummy recipes & fun fitness videos designed especially by @marissafit4life & @carinalipold to help you be a healthier you!

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HealthyRamadhan #JoinTheMovement #PurelyBNourished #PurelyBActive #TrainToTransform #healthiernation #FitRamadhanChallenge #Ramadan #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #healthyeating #healthy #health #eatclean #cleaneating #nutrition #energy #balance #organic #fitness #contest #21DayProgramme #celebrity #trainer

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Hello from Bali! This towel creature is slightly baffling. Any guesses what animal this is?

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Hello from #Bali! Id like to know what kind of species this towel animal is. Any guesses?? #worktravel

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Yes! (Photo by @pinographyofficial MU @arymuzamer) #quotes #quote #happiness

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