Sarah Lian

Rocking this #BudakBaek t-shirt today! Thanks @flizzow --- #BudakBaekTakeOver is happening tmrw 3pm @KrookzKL in Bangsar Telawi. Better get there quick before it sells out!! X #supportlocal

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Leeeeloooooooo belly! I just can't! @sarahjesaw #westie #leeloo #iwanttotouchadog

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Special healthy Yee Sang and @sarahjesaw neurotic chopstick pairs! #chinesenewyear #htceliteangels #HTCSA #HTCDesireEye #HTCMalaysia #sarahscolds

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My favourite looks at the Oscars this week with Chrissy Teigen hitting a double hitter! What do you think?...

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Stray or Pet? #letsleepingdogslie

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Jasmine. Official Selection for #HKIFF2015 and Dallas International Film Festival. @kultleader looks so handsome here! Haha #asiancast #hongkong

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A film I shot in 2009 will be getting its Worldwide Premiere at #HKIFF2015! I can't wait! :)

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My mountain window making so much noise! Hokkien day today! Noisy fireworks for the Jade Emperor!

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Gonna pick mine up tomolooo! Fanks @flizzow ! #baek

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Had to share with everyone that Masterchef Asia is coming round this corner! Got a friend who can cook? Tag them!! Don't miss out!! X

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Sarah Lian

Actor , MC / Show Host , Model


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Location Malaysia
Traditional Chinese Name 連麗婷
English Name Sarah Lian
Favorite Tv Shows Girls Next Door, The Colbert Report, Video on Trial

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