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I SHOT HONG KONG Film Festival 2009 - Opening Red Carpet!!

Dear Fans and Friends,

I'm slowly catching up with my Blogs (Woohoo!)

Below is the beginning of the fabulous aftermath...

The I SHOT HONG KONG Film Festival created by my dear friend Craig Leeson and the Ocean Vista Film's Dream Team.

Truly this Festival was a success and I was honored to be part of it.

I absolutely LOVE my tailored dress!! Thank You Shanghai Tang!!

Stay tuned for Photos of my Performance at the V.I.P. Dinner Gala at the W Hotel.

Until then, check out the photos and links and be sure to attend next year.

People from all over the Globe attended this one so you surely don't want to miss the next!


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Autographed Baby-G Watch from the G-Shock Godfather himself!!

Hi Everyone!!

Although the G-Shock Shock The World Tour 2009 HK seems like ages ago, this photo in the Press was recently brought to my attention.

This is a very special photo for me since the new, stylish White Baby-G watch I'm wearing was given to me personally by the G-Shock Godfather himself in this photo and his Casio Team!!

This watch goes with practically everything. I wear it everyday (I never wore watches before!!)

I felt very honored when the G-Shock Godfather signed my watch. Luckily, I had my own permanent pen I use to sign Autographs on me so it won't be washed off!

Thank you Ibe-san and the Casio Team for my Baby-G Watch. I LOVE IT!!! Hontouni Sugoine!! Arigatoune!

And of course I wouldn't be dressed as stylish if it wasn't for my sexy little black G-TOX Dress. LOVIN' their clothing designs!! The coolest thing about G-TOX is that their clothes are limited editions. So each style goes into print for a limited amount of time in unique quantities. Which results in G-TOX being ever changing and ever growing. You guyz have to check out the G-TOX Website!!

Until next time...


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Chillin' at Shanghai White

Hello All!

Yes, I am soooo behind on my Blogs. Forgive me!!

So now since I haven't slept all night I am aiming to catch up with you all.

Below are photos from the Shanghai White Vodka Launch hosted by CB Fresh. They were awesome fun (as always) and it was truly a spectacular event! Lovely Jazz Music which fit the mood perfectly.

Thanks for inviting me guyz. I had a blast!

Until next time... Shairah

P.S. Kate! I need your photos to add to the ones below :)

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SHAIRAH at E.V.E.N.T. First Anniversary Party & Website Launch

Hi All!

Been busy, busy, busy since I landed in Hong Kong and Lovin' it!! Everyone has been so welcoming and wonderful. I love the Life HK is full of!

I recently attended the E.V.E.N.T. First Anniversary Party & Website Launch held at The Cavern in LKF. Although I was not Performing at this Event I was happy to support such great performances by the talented METRO, MK Pastell, Beatrix and more!

Simon Yin of CBFresh was a fantastic host and had the crowd continuously entertained!

Many thanks to Kate Sullivan and Roger De Leon for such a great Event and for inviting me. I wish you all the continued success you most surly deserve.

And, as always, thanks to AlivenotDead for connecting us all!!

Photographer: Elden Cheung

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Music Matters Asia 2009

Flying half way around the World to attend Music Matters Asia 2009 was one of the best investments of time I have ever experienced. I am ecstatic to say that Music Matters exceeded my expectations not only as an Artist but as a Label Owner as well. It provided an insightful look into the Asian Music Market and clarified how different it is from the others. Asia as a whole is very intricate and I believe Music Matters has made it possible to connect with the right Music Business Leaders in order to be successful within Greater Asia.

The best thing I found was that the Panel Speakers took the time to network and/or introduce themselves to me or meet with me right then and there to see if we could accomplish future business. I appreciated this since most had flown in and had limited time to spare.

I also had the pleasure of meeting the extraordinary Jamie Cullum. I had been Twittering him and so when we met face to face he was happy we'd finally connected in person. He is a pleasure to know and no one will forget his unique Performance/Interview with Ralph Simon. Jamie's Performance is the kind you MUST see LIVE. He is spectacular!!

Music Matters Asia 2009 was a great event and many thanks to for making my presence possible and to for a Conference like no other!


P.S. I was put on the Mic twice while sporting my AlivenotDead Hat which ironically matched my outfit (Thank you Patrick/Etchy!)

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SHAIRAH Interview with Vancouver Red Carpet

Dear Fans and Friends,

Below is a recent Interview I did with Sabine Mondestin of Vancouver Red Carpet. I had a lovely time. The day was soooooo cold and cloudy so you cannot see the beautiful mountain range of the Rocky Mountains in the background but it's there ;) This interview was done outside on the balcony of one of the highest floors of the building. Facing me was the Ocean so it was very windy yet refreshing. I love the Ocean!

I love the Clip they inserted at the end beside with Credits. Hahaha. Be sure to watch until the end!

Thank you Sabine for having me on your show!!

Many thanks to Mandy Lau for Make Up and Hair!!

As always, thank you all for your Luv & Support!!


Note Sabine Mondestin's Grandmother is full Chinese! I've recommended her to create a Profile on AnD keeps your eyes open for her here soon!


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SHAIRAH Interview with Dr. Gordon Chiu

Hello Dear Fans and Friends!

Recently I had the privilege of being a Special Guest on Dr. Gordon Chiu's Private Interviews. I had a great time!! While Dr. Gordon Chiu was in New York I was in my Studio in Vancouver. Gotta love Skype.

Many thanks to AnD for creating an awesome platform which enabled us to connect! AnD ROCKS!!!

These slideshows with the Interview Audio over them have been created so my Fans around the World can listen. Since YouTube only allows 10mins for each segment our Interview has been divided into 6 Parts (Dr. Gordon's Blog has 5 Audio Parts:

Many thanks to Dr. Gordon Chiu and his Wonderful Staff for giving me the opportunity to have yet another Interview to connect and share with my Fans. I look forward to being on your show again in the future!

Don't forget to subscribe to my new YouTube Channel:

Thanks all for listening, I look forward to your comments and to Touring Asia again this year!!

Have a wonderful Easter everyone and Enjoy!


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

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Subway ♫Sing for your Supper♫ - Eat Fresh!!

Hello All!

I took some time out of Recording last week since my Agent called me exclaiming " Subway wants to feature you in a Commercial, SINGING!" I was like, sure no problem. The premise is I'm dressed like a normal Girl which suddenly breaks into a Mariah Carey-esque singing style with the lyrics, "Five, Five Dollar, Five Dollar Footlong, etc." Hilarious (see my P.S. below for more hilarity!)

The Director was great to work with. He loved my performance so I was thrilled. He had a true understanding of an Artist's needs giving me the freedom to perform it as I wished so as not to hinder any creative elements which would be captured in the Take. The Production Crew were extremely nice, each one of them coming up to me throught the shoot stating we had either Filmed together before and it is a pleasure working with you again or that they were Fans of my Music or had seen me in Concert. It made me feel really special to have that type of response.

And of course there was a "Behind The Scenes" Film Team, going around and interviewing the Actors. There were also several other Musicians who and they did their own rendition of the "Five Dollar Footlong Song". I wonder how the end result will turn out. Regardless, we're in for a creative laugh I'm sure ;)

Overall is was Fun and realized that although Music is my First Love, I miss working in Film. Once I've completed this next Album (tentative release May '09) I'll be accepting more Filming in between Touring and Promoting the Release. Exciting!!

P.S. If anyone wants a laugh, one Summer in my early Teenage life I worked at Subway! Hahahahaa. I was always Singing and writing songs in my breaks. My coworkers use to say you should sing a theme song for Subway... Hahahaa :)

I'm happy to share this experience with all on AnD. Sending good vibes everyone's way! May all you Dreams come true!!


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Shairah In The Studio

Hi All!!

Just got these Pics back and thought I'd give you an inside peek at me in the Studio. Lots of hard work goes into making a Record (and watching Anime and playing Playstation 2 and my DS in between!) My journey is a bit different than various other Artists since I also Songwrite, Compose and Produce. When I'm suppose to take a break as a Recording Artist, I am required to put on my Producer Hat. When the Producer takes a break it's time for the Songwriter/Composer to get creative. That's me again, you get the idea. No sleep for me! You can see my face in the 3rd picture where I fell asleep playing Playstation 2 and was woken up. Hahaha. Don't get me wrong there are many other People involved with a variety of my upcoming songs as well as Producers, etc. and of course, I LOVE what I do!! :) It's all for the Fans and that moment on Stage when I can share with the World! Though in until then, thank God for Anime! It's the rare time I'm not working. TV shows usually doesn't hold my attention span (I'm a Movie Lover) but Anime sure does ;) I'm really excited for this next album and I do hope you enjoy it!

Lots of Luv


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Valentine's Day Present!!

Hi All!!

I originally wrote this song for Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus and ended up Recording it myself.

It is my Valentine's Day Present to you all who have been so supportive of my Music.

Please keep you ears open for the "My Valentine DUETS" Album version to be released. Which I intend to feature Artists from around the World and our Performance of "My Valentine"

It's now available on iTunes!! I would love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to comment :)

Thank you for being great and Happy Valentine's Day!!



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