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Meeting Ryder

I forgot to blog about a strange story that happened to me when i was in HK... Let me try to remember:

Causeway bay, HK 6.34pm…

It’s Sunday evening, I’m still tired from AnD anniversary party… I’m sleepy but I decided to hang out a bit close by Time Squares, as I have to meet up with Michael Chan for dinner.

I am walking slowly to Sogo and the weather is nice, not too hot as the last time I came to HK…

On my way I notice someone looking at me in the window’s reflection, someone kind of familiar but when I turn around, nobody.

Ok I must be really tired if I start having hallucinations…



I am a little early so I guess I can enjoy a short walk around the meeting point. I wander in the streets and enter a narrow alley.

The roof catches my attention because actually it’s a long mirror. While I am looking at the reflection I notice him in the middle of the crowd. He is staring at me.

I was right, I know him. It’s Ryder ! You know ? Ryder Lee !!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A79P17gsrCo

Wow… Nobody will believe me; I have to take a picture! I hope my camera will see what I am seeing otherwise I’m good for a trip to Arkham…

He is smiling while I’m struggling with my camera.

Ok I need a closer mirror I want to talk to him!

People will think I’m mental to talk to myself in a shop window but whatever, I am in Hong Kong and nobody knows me here. hahaha. In the reflection, Ryder is facing me but nobody is standing next to me…Weird.


Hi…Errrr …you are Ryder right? Please tell me I am not crazy…


Hahaha! Fine! I am Ryder… And you’re not crazy!

Also, welcome to Hong Kong, this is where I finally found my love, Lumina!

Haha thank you ! So other people beside Lumina can see you and talk to you? How does it work?


There are certain people, of which I am not one, who can look into a mirror and see a different Realm – they are called mirrorspies.  If you can see me, I assume you might be one of them… I have heard of them but I have never met one … until now – they don’t really come into my line of work or my circle of friends.  Before Lumina, I never saw anyone other than myself in a mirror.  

Ok stupid question but are you from another planet?


I am.  I’m from a world called Corwaith, although I believe your people call us the Dark Realm because we are most active at night.


Are your world and ours related in someway? For instance if you hold the reflection of my camera in the mirror, will you be able to take a picture?


You and I look very much alike, and we speak the same language.  I would think it is fair to say that we’re related, but I don’t know how exactly.  And one very frustrating thing is that I cannot touch you or anything in your Realm, I can only see and hear you.

Are time and space the same for you? I mean… Can you get old? Do you feel time goes by?


I experience time and space the same way you would – slowly!  We are more similar than you think!  

And how do you travel? Do you just pop instantly in any reflections you want or you need to “travel” from a reflection to another?


As long as you are near a mirror or a reflection I can see you.  Although I might have to adjust my position a little so I can get a better view.  

Another dark point…can you get hurt? Not that I want to reveal any of your weaknesses but I wonder if you are immortal as you don’t have a clay…


As intriguing as that may be, I am not immortal.  If you cut me, I will bleed, and my blood is just as red and viscous as yours.


I see…It must be frustrating to be prisoner of mirrors…even more when the girl you love is on the other side of the mirror…


We consider ourselves very lucky and are grateful to have each other’s company...  

I don’t know for how long I’ve been talking to the window but I’m just fascinated by what i’m hearing!

I’m about to ask Ryder another question but he is waving "bye bye" at me and point at something behind me. I turn around to see what he is showing me and…

I am stunned.

To be continued…

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I only see you. Can anyone else see Ryder?
about 15 years ago
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hahahaha...that's the man!!
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Roleplay rules!
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omgoodness...that looks GOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!....send me some....lmfao
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