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MY FIRST BUNGEE JUMP!!!I've always wanted to do it, so when I put the gear on, I wasn't nervous or anything...It wasn't until I got on the platform and they tied up my legs...I started to feel my heart beating a bit faster, but I was still ok.

When I stood on the edge and had to countdown from 5... THAT'S WHERE IT GOT SCARY!!!  Well, I had to jump...there were three camera's pointing at me and the sound guy said I had to scream as loud as I could. Even Erik didn't want to jump, so I also wanted to show that I'm much tougher than him, ha! Gosh... so, I jumped and it was frikkin' scarier than playing with dangerous animals! I can still remember the feeling of just falling and falling... It's such a weird sensation! The weirdest moment is actually when you bounce back up again the first time...You're flying uncontrollably through the air... When I was on the ground again the owner of the bungee jump place said I should do it again, because after you have done your first jump you can really start enjoying the ones after. Well, my head felt a bit heavy as all the blood in my lower body had moved there after the jump, like I had been hanging upside down for 10 minutes or so,  so I said I was alright and that I would do it again at a later time! He had done over a thousand jumps apparently... he jumped from bridges, helicopters etc... Well, hm... maybe I'll give that a try too in the very distant future!

One thing is for sure...I will NEVER look at heights the same way again...

Here's a group of Ozzies who had just jumped!

Here you can see most of Da Jump!

It's a long way down...


You can't see this on the vid, but here I'm bouncing back up again, I felt like a ragdoll swinging through the air.

Yes Erik... you're a chicken! He was scared to do it and insisted on me jumping first...

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wow, i don't think i want to try it! seems like tempting fate too much! :-P the vids don't work though... i'll check back later!
about 16 years ago
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kekeke....was it fun?
about 16 years ago
wow... that's cool !!! i wanna try ....!!! ADI
about 16 years ago
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whoa..... very cool!!!
about 16 years ago
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OMG.. u are doing over a swimming POOL....haha..nice.. that takes soem guts.. last one i did was in florida.. and i swore never again...hehei hated the pull back up..ragdoll.. body breaking feel...
about 16 years ago
impressed!! wow!!
about 16 years ago
The feeling must have been great. hope i get the chance to do it someday...
about 16 years ago


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