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Got it from my friend.....

this is really something....haha....especially lession 5 & 6....a lot more than bullshit i can say

Lesson 1: 

A man is getting into the shower, just as his wife is finishing up her 

shower, when the doorbell rings.


The wife quickly wraps herself in a towel and runs downstairs.


When she opens the door, there stands David, the next-door neighbor.


Before she says a word, David says, 'I'...Read more

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Blog: Tuesday, Jun 15

  WILL.C .(ME)


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Blog: Wednesday, Nov 4

Been doing preperation in the pass few days on the land.......and today I planted some cherry tomatos and hope they can catch up to the harvest time in Feb....

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3 weeks 2 Expo

Got two invitations in the pass 3 weeks from two dear friend of us, that we got to knew them since the beginning of MADEinHK..... 

The first one was from Nimchi, a female artest base in HK, a very sweet lady with magic hands.......its was a very interesting expo i got to say, but it was a shame that, we havent had a camera with us that day

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Almost stepping into the third month of being a farmer so called......happy & sour really.....kind of miss doing MADEinHK, but anyhow, MADEinHK aint going anywhere anyway.....not much support boys & girls not much support....you heard me.....

Check the photos out......three different kind of tomatos that planted for about 2 - 3 weeks.....along with some salad green.....

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梳乎厘 Souffle

i had a really huge [ 梳乎厘 Souffle ] last night at the TAI PING KUN Resturant.....check the photos out....its about the size of my head (which is really huge).... ....couldnt manage to finish that as we only got three ppl and in which my mum and auntie wont have enough size to stuff in anyway haha

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Farm At Last

Well recently I hook up with a new job, which is to promo an organic farm in Hong Kong......its a little far from home 1 plus hour to get there...but still, it seems kind of interesting. took a little walk after lunch today and the view actually not too bad...check it out yourself...

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Blog: Tuesday, Aug 25

IQ PUZZLE.....other than the 2D, also got 3D verson....PUZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Photo By FUNG

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A nice short film....SIGNS

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師能授其方圓, 但不能授其心妙!


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November 22, 2007