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When it's all said and done - anything that we've accomplished is because we made it happen for ourselves. While we watch other bands get huge, get tons of product endorsements or recognition from everything and everyone, we've always been the ones that keep fighting to get anyone's attention. There are PLENTY of other bands around the world just like us who bust their ass every day for close to no avail. Why do we do it? We love the music we play. Does that mean after awhile the constant uphill battle that your band has been on for 16 years is somethi...Read more

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仲可以講咩好。。。難忘的一個禮拜。。。一個好美麗的結束,雖然勁少人來睇但係呢個係香港。。。我地錯咗以為人地鍾意重型音樂一定會來睇琴晚場show,因為實在上無一隊"core"樂隊勁個sick of it all...但係潮流的香港只係會出來撐潮流的core。香港 - 加油。琴晚所有來見證硬核的真正力量 - 請多D解釋俾人地知琴晚場show幾痴線正。@sickofitallnyc @uniteasia

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蘇州MIDI太厲害。。。現在係北京等緊出show。。。聽日一早坐飛機返香港!聽晚巡演最後一站係香港!希望大家可以找到時間過來hidden agenda支持下我地呢個好緊要的一場show!聽晚演Lost in a World仲會有個嘉賓出來唱 :-) 同一隊香港band唱歌!唔係發夢 - 係真事!聽晚見證!8pm - 320入場費!@sickofitallnyc @hiddenagendahk

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Out of all the stops on this tour it was and has always been about the Philippines for us in King Ly Chee. We've been going to Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore since 2004 and all of those places we've come back and performed close to 7 or 8 times in the past 11 years since we started coming down. We've always gotten a pretty okay response there (actually, for awhile - Singapore was one of the best places for us response-wise...) but there is something magical that always happens when we arrive in the Philippines - anywhere in the Philippines: Manila, Cebu,...Read more  Play video

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多謝大家的留言和努力幫我地轉發昨天的消息。現在再問緊印t shirt公司可唔可以再印多D t shirt這樣如果t shirt賣得好我地可以幫佢地再彌補收入上的損失。Thank you to everyone's kind messages of support regarding the SOIA China situation. Right now I'm coordinating with our merch company to see if we can print more shirts last minute. This way we can continue to help SOIA recover any loss of income from China. 多謝大家的了解。。。係巡演中要搞呢D嘢真係痴線。。。現在係曼谷 - 今晚要出show。呢一刻都無出show個心態。Thank you all for your understanding. To have to handle all this on tour is pretty intense...we're in Bangkok now. 香港站飛呢到有得買 Remember you can buy online tickets...Read more

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Massive disappointment to the band today when it was confirmed that they weren't able to get visas and therefore unable to go play the two China shows. For a band whose livelihood depends on playing live shows - not playing a show is a huge hit beyond what words can explain. Hong Kong is the only show left for them before this Asian tour ends. We cannot stress enough how important that you all come out for this. 今日的消息令大家好好失望。佢地一直好興奮終於有機會去內地演出。但係因為簽證的問題後來入唔到。所以佢地玩唔到內地的兩場 show。現在要鼓勵多香港來參加星期日的演出 - 讓sick of it all知道,入唔到內地無問題 - 你仲有香港!

Oct 4 演出地點: Hidden Agenda ...Read more

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Sick of it All x King Ly Chee on the road around Asia...tired as fuck but everyone in good spirits...thanks to everyone involved for your love and care for us traveling few...see you at the remaining shows! @sickofitallnyc @uniteasia

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Sick of it All Live in Hong Kong 亞洲巡演最後一站 - 香港!

DATE: Oct 4 VENUE: Hidden Agenda BANDS: Sick of it All King Ly Chee Fight Club Piledriver TIME: 8:00pm TICKETS: 280 (Advance) | 320 (Door)

Ticketing outlets: White Noise Records Zoo Records Hidden Agenda Ticketflap

Online ticketing: ticketflap.com/sickofitalllive @ticketflap @hiddenagendahk @the.baddies @kbkevinboy @xvxto @domsfz @starcrossedtattoo @dirtyboogiehk @dinosaurjournal @warehouseteenageclub @uniteasia @sickofitallnyc @dbf426 @prodipleung @jbs8five2 @jasoncasino @8five2shop @s...Read more

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to all our friends in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China...we're coming back for the second time this year starting next week (Sept 25 to Oct 4). This time however - we have a special group of friends that we just HAVE to bring with us...what a pain in the ass they are - some little band from New York City called Sick Of It All :-) we've made a bunch of our tracks/lyrics available for free...get on the link below, download these jams and let's have some fun. we PROMISE to keep our set short - all we want to do is watch SOIA too - don't w...Read more

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Best fucking flyer on the planet...Sick of it All Asian Tour first ever show in the Philippines and WE get to be on this crazy ride...insane...Manila - Sept 27 - what you got!!?!! Show info here: http://uniteasia.org/sick-of-it-alls-first-ever-show-in-the-philippines-announced/ @sickofitallnyc

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10 years and still here breathing Hong Kong...it's in our hearts and pumps through our veins. We are a Hong Kong band and proud to be from this city. Then why d

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