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仲可以講咪好?仲可以點樣話比大家知呢隊對我地講係幾緊要的樂隊?無sick of it all。。。肯定無今時今日的我地。。。我地所有態度,做法,諗法,堅持,係從佢地學習。。。What else can be said? How else can we explain to people in Hong Kong the importance of a band like Sick of it All...if it weren't for them, WE would not exist. Everything we do, the way we carry out our band, our ethics, our dedication to hard work and hardcore, we've learned from this band.

2013年好幸運可以幫我地英雄搞首次來香港演出的表演。。。難得佢地會再來但係更加想像唔到今次佢地會選擇我地跟佢成個亞洲巡演。。。oh my god。。。二十幾年前邊個諗到一日會有咁的機會。。。In 2013 we had the immense honor of putting on our heroes first EVER show in Hong Kong (China). That was already an experience that we never imagined we'd ever have...but here we are getting ready to put on their second show but not only that, WE are touring with them on the entire Asian run! 20 plus years ago who would've EVER imagined that would happen... 香港站將會係呢個亞洲巡演的最後一站。。。兩隊應該會累死 - 亞洲巡演係十分辛苦因為每站係需要樂隊們早起身搭飛機去第二個站。有D飛機係早上六點鐘這係有時無時間睡覺。所以希望當日大家可以爆場歡迎我地兩隊band的後一站!The Hong Kong stop will be the last stop on this Asian tour...by the time we get here both bands are going to be exhausted - touring Asia requires very early flights to the next destination which means little to no sleep. We hope that everyone in Hong Kong (and from neighboring cities/countries) will make this last show an EXPLOSIVE one.

十月四號香港見!See you all in Hong Kong October 4th!

DATE: October 4 VENUE: Hidden Agenda BANDS: King Ly Chee | Fight Club | Piledriver (Philippines) TICKETS: 250 (Advance) | 320 (Door) TIME: 8pm

TICKETS ON SALE 二十八號才開始發售: Aug 28

演出資料 Show details at this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1478120632511545/ @uniteasia @hiddenagendahk @sickofitallnyc @the.baddies @kb_kevinboy @chansiupak @kuloming @joecpwu @wingivan @oysterhc @mihielwong

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10 years and still here breathing Hong Kong...it's in our hearts and pumps through our veins. We are a Hong Kong band and proud to be from this city. Then why d

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