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今晚 - 呢一年最美麗的結束。今年做咗三個巡演 (一個中國巡演,兩個亞洲巡演。。。其中一個就係同我地英雄Sick of it All一齊做 - 無佢地無可能會有今時今日的荔枝王)。。。今晚可以上台拿起呢個旗情緒高到仆街。Tonight was the best way to end this beautiful year of ours. We've done three tours in 2015...one China tour and two Asian tours - one of which was touring with our all-time hardcore heroes Sick of it All - if it wasn't for that band, there would be NO King Ly Chee. So tonight - when we got on stage and were able to wave this beautiful flag of ours - it was an emotional emotional moment...

多謝大家的支持!今晚特別要多謝你地的熱情。。。Thank you to all of you especial...Read more

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今晚。。。正lun到。。。唔識表達。Can't express how awesome tonight was... @clockenflap #clockenflap2015 #kinglychee

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D家長咁正!一見到我地網站的帽係Clockenflap有得買即刻買咗!我地仲有好多產品:cd, shirts, windbreaker, skateboards, shorts! 記住去到買merch個D地方睇清楚!一陳見!7:30pm YourMum Stage! There are some amazing parents bringing their kids to Clockenflap like these guys @davmok @lanciple who saw our hats and bought them right away! We have other stuff on sale too so make sure to check the merch stalls carefully: CD's, skateboards, shirts, windbreakers, hoodies, shorts! See you all at 7:30 YourMum Stage! @clockenflap

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聽晚來唔到的話可以上網睇現場直播!就係下面個link。。。其實 - 自己入去clockenflap先係最好玩 - 氣氛無得比。。。從來未試過係香港任何活動有咁正的氣氛。。。聽日最後一日 -不如試一試啦!If you aren't able to make it tomorrow night - Clockenflap does have a LIVE stream at the link below. HOWEVER, there is NOTHING like being there in person...there really is NOTHING like this event ever before in Hong Kong - the setting and the vibe cannot be touched - certainly not by a live stream on your computer. Trust us - just get there for the last day and feel it/see it for yourselves...

YourMum Stage 7:30pm

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幾日前同HOCC一齊接咗香港英文報紙SCMP的採訪邀請 A few days ago I did an interview with Denise Ho together for SCMP。個採訪可以現在enjoy下 That interview is up now for you to enjoy.

Remember 記住: King Ly Chee 荔枝王 - CLOCKENFLAP September 29 7:30pm YourMum Stage

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Oh my god...Clockenflap is going to be AMAAAZING!!!! We get on this stage on Sunday at 7:30pm and represent HK's world of heavy/underground music! Just dropped TONS of merch off! Bring money and show your support! 呢個場靚仔到仆街加埋咁好天!我地星期日7:30pm就係呢個舞台將會代表香港重型/地下音樂世界!@Clockenflap #clockenflap2015

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新血香港emotional hardcore樂隊 Planck 正到仆街。。。好幸福可以過來睇佢地第一場show。。。希望隊band唔會只focus係香港發展!Emotional hardcore new blood Hong Kong band Planck playing their first show ever...awesome band...hopefully they won't just focus on playing here...

FFO: More Than Life, Landscapes, Touché Amore, etc...

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人地紋我地的logo佢地自己身到真係好crazy...多謝呢位來自廣州的支持者咁熱情的支持!仲有係呢隊band的成員幫你紋 (Joe)!哈哈哈。。。好正!It's pretty nuts when people get our logo tattooed on them...huge thank you for the love and support from this dude from Guangzhou! It's also pretty rad that it was one of us who tattooed him (Joe our guitar player)! 記住啊 - 我地今個禮拜日將會係Clockenflap演出!Don't forget - we're on stage 7:30pm this Sunday at Clockenflap! We WILL have merch on sale! 大家到時都買到我地D產品 (t-shirts, skatedecks, jackets, CD's, watches) Sunday - 7:30pm YourMum舞台 Stage

免費下載我地D歌 Download our songs for FREE...Read more

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屌你老母好lun 7 興奮啊!星期日晚上7:30pm YourMum舞台見!We are so motherfucking excited! Sunday night 7:30pm YourMum Stage is where we'll be at! @clockenflap big thanks to all their love and support!

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10 years and still here breathing Hong Kong...it's in our hearts and pumps through our veins. We are a Hong Kong band and proud to be from this city. Then why d

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