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Man...it was really REALLY cool to watch this dude that I consider a very GOOD friend in Hong Kong totally straight up own his first solo show...not only did he take every component/performance to an amazingly professional level - but for some insane reason he was still able to maintain his goofy hilarious side in the process!!! What the hell? How does one do that??? I had the best seat in the house right behind him watching him KILL it on the drums...it's crazy how much feeling he puts into every hit on his drums...he killed it with 太極, Kary, Josie, LMF...such a ...Read more

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琴晚真係好玩...今日仲可以再回憶返 :-) 呢為兄弟肯定超過十幾年無同我地上台一齊唱 - 今次無練過,無rehearsal,直接上台拿起紙mic唱!正!多謝LMF啊Kit的支持。當然有要多謝返KB因為差唔多十二年前呢個合作的機會係佢諗出來!十幾年後一樣咁火爆 :-) @kb_kevinboy #kinglychee @djkeepintouch

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今晚可以上返台彈吉他開心死。。。仲有後台有我最尊重香港樂隊lmf的成員撐我地。。。更加開心到仆街。。。多謝Prodip, Davy, Wah, Jimmy, Kit, Phat, MC Yan, and of course @kb_kevinboy 咁多年支持我地呢個樂隊。。。幾個禮拜後就開始我地第十七年。。。今晚聽到好多說話都好感動。原來 @ngk 第一次睇香港band show係睇我地 :-) 其實聽到覺得我個人好老啊!哈哈哈。。。Anyway - 只係想表示 - 我地咁多年其實係無停過。一直都keep住玩, 作歌,出碟,去巡演,搞show,開咗個網站為咗可以支持亞洲區的樂隊。希望可以激發多D本地人返返來支持我地啦!下年的演出再見!Thanks Kev - keep it going!!!! You're doing great shit! @prodipleung @dbf426 @phat24herbs @kit @chansiupak @gudiii

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We're on fire muthafucka! :-) 今晚可以玩番02-04年D歌幾開心!一陳得閒過來Music Zone我地同KB啦!8點開波!我地係第一隊!

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聽晚將會同呢個dumbass再上台一齊表演 :-) 唔知佢緊幾年D粉絲知唔知佢曾經夾果我地呢個超吵的地下hardcore樂隊呢?!哈哈哈。。。唔知的話聽晚可以見到佢玩重型音樂的熱情 - 雖然佢依家想做歌手但係佢係一個超有feel的鼓手!我心裡佢永遠會係一個超勁的本地鼓手。See you all tomorrow night at Music Zone! 我地將會係第一個表演者所以前期無遲到啦!So tomorrow night we finally get back on stage with this ass and rip through a few of the songs from when he was in KLC! I have no idea if his new "fans" from the past few years even know that he used to play in a loud, Screamo underground band like us but they're about to see a whole different side to him because though he has been working on being a singer, ...Read more

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Good morning - time to die.

香港deathcore樂隊 Protoss神族 的新歌正lun到仆街!Hong Kong deathcore band Protoss unleash new track...get ready to die.

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The last time we played in a band with this dude was in 2004...11 years ago :-) This Friday he's out on his very first solo show and wanted us to come to do a few old songs - of course we'll do it! See you Friday night at Music Zone...unfortunately our bass player from that era isn't available so I have to sing his parts as well...Hahahahahaha...should be fun though! 最上一次同呢為兄弟夾果band就係十一年前!佢今個禮拜五將會第一次開自己一場演唱會然後叫我地出來玩返佢時代的荔枝王歌!星期五見!到時Alex唔得閒所以我要唱返佢個D歌詞!:-) 企硬 |所見所聞 | Refuse @kb_kevinboy

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為我地以前個鼓佬呢個禮拜五開個演唱會。。。我地將會玩返"硬心"的幾首歌 - 準備好自己啦!可惜 - Alex當日唔得閒。。。我要唱返佢D詞然後Ho會幫下手彈bass! 大家到時幫我手唱啦!

企硬 所見所聞 Refuse

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KING LY CHEE 荔枝王 1999-2015-?

衷心感謝你地的支持!好難忘的一晚! Thank you everyone for giving us such a great night!

係到可以下載我地的歌 Download our music here: https://kinglychee.bandcamp.com

未知的支持者 - 其實我今年四月份開始咗一個亞洲區punk, hardcore, metal樂隊新聞網站叫 uniteasia.org 日日都有新post因為講真我地亞洲區的樂隊係超正!但係因為通常D音樂新聞網站都係西方的樂隊為主所以好少會睇到呢邊樂隊的新消息。所以我開始咗呢個網站為咗幫下我地亞洲樂隊!得閒日日上下 - 睇下/聽下其他亞洲樂隊 - UNITE ASIA!

For those who don't know - I started an music website that gathers news releases from Asian bands - such as new records...Read more

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10 years and still here breathing Hong Kong...it's in our hearts and pumps through our veins. We are a Hong Kong band and proud to be from this city. Then why d

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