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New MV - "Happy Go Lucky"

Here is Josie's newest MV,  "Happy Go Lucky":

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82G_NWw-lZ4 Click here to see the High Res version

Click here for the blog about the making of the video

Please use the links below to tell your frien...Read more

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不可靠 / Happy Go Lucky



We had so much fun in the end of the day, everyone decided to play silly with me!  Thanks to all these people, we sure have long endurance!!

完成了一整天的拍攝, 我們都得到很多快樂! 所以大家決定跟我一起扮嘢一番!! 多謝你們, 我們都辛苦了!!

Photos are just plain role playing crazy!  Thanks to Sai Bun for lending me this very retro synth!  I suppose to be ...Read more

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Check these bands out, I really like them. /看看這些的樂隊, 我很喜歡他們。

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Check these bands out, I really like them.  I'm just going through bands in China on YOutube.  They are f**k'in awesome!!

Totally inspires me!  Makes me wanna perform in China so much!  Talking about it, really gotta thank "Alivenotdead"  on all your support with HK's band scene and also Paul Wong.  Without you guys, I don't know where these bands are gonna go.  Just w...Read more

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Learnt a lot this weekend, JEANNE!  YOU ROCK!  I've joined the Jeanne Hartman's acting class this weekend, so inspiring and have a bag full of tricks now.  It was such a ride and loads of fun!  Love to do those exercise with all our friends, it was all so challenging!  You're all great actors!!!  It's a nice time for bonding as well.  Jeannie's teaching was so accurate, this class has given me lots of answers to my questions for so long in my acting career.   Thanks so much to Jason Tobin, thanks to Alivenotdead!!  And ...Read more

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I’m cool to go again! / 我現在很好, 可再繼續了!

Oh my god!  Haven't been using computer lately, had a long holiday!  Sorry, haven't been up online.

How is everyone?  I've been trying to rest and catch up with friends lately.  Also trying to rest the body from this year's hectic schedule.  Just wanna take a chance to thank everyone who came to Club PP to support!  Love to sing with you all the time!!  You guys are so much fun!!  I really needed it that day!  Didn't realize I was in lots of pain and agony while singing but was glad that I fin...Read more

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Wrote on 23 September 2008 / 寫於2008年9月23日

Hi!  Long time no talk, I've disappeared for awhile cos my body is still trying to recover from all the work lately, I think that Taiwan promotion did kill half of me!   It was 12 hours a day of talking about my Elastic Rock album and interviews, it almost feels bad to sell yourself so repetitively!  I'm kinda guilty about it, funny!  I came across a funny matter online and I wanna talk about it as another server online or as another women's point of view.  Please don't get super mad at me if you'...Read more

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Doesn’t it suck to be sober? / 經常保持清醒是否不太好呢?

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Sorry hasn’t written for so long. Just been in lots of meetings lately. No, its not an excuse, just trying to get something to kick start quickly. It makes me wonder sometimes, why does socializing and PR involves so much drinking? Doesn’t it suck to be sober? I must have some kinda deadly fate with alcohol, damn it! Its suck to be me sometimes. God forbid me for saying this.



嘿!!朋友們,Read more

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I’ll will be in Taipei in August!! / 我將於八月到台北!

Hi Monica, Cole, Pally,意大利之夏,發霉扑克牌, Costanee, tobeyourlover,

你們好!Sorry I’ve been disappearing for half a month. I was in Vancouver, family gathering as well as trying to fired more jobs in Vancouver. That’s why I didn’t write. I was very tried, Sorry! prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

I hope Monica is beter now, try and think of more positive things and good things willcome. I used to not believe in positive energy too. But it works!!! Have you read the book “S...Read more

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Nervous but happy!!! | 既緊張又興奮!!!|既紧张又兴奋!!!

Dear Bloggers,

Everybody especially “shorty”! We’ll try to do that but it’ll take sometimes for me to produce more products because we’re only a small small team here. Maybe try to add more things on the cart. Grab the 24 herbs and Audiotraffic CD as well. Harpack is coming out with one soon.


In the progress of practicing “Let’s Fight”, so excited to jam with those guys at the show, they’re all such wonderful musicians, I’m a little nervous, but it’s happy nervous. You know sometimes before...Read more

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Elastic Rock!

alivenotdead.com is selling my CD 'Elastic Rock' online!

Some pretty rockin' songs! Hope you like the album! Rock hard, Rock soft, just ROCK!

There also is a limited run of T's available for purchase together with the CD,  so please buy and enjoy!



希望你们喜欢...Read more

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