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Doesn’t it suck to be sober? / 經常保持清醒是否不太好呢?

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Sorry hasn’t written for so long. Just been in lots of meetings lately. No, its not an excuse, just trying to get something to kick start quickly. It makes me wonder sometimes, why does socializing and PR involves so much drinking? Doesn’t it suck to be sober? I must have some kinda deadly fate with alcohol, damn it! Its suck to be me sometimes. God forbid me for saying this.




有一段很長時間沒有寫博客,對不起,最近因為忙於很多的會議,不,那不是一個藉口,只是嘗試將一些事情盡快開始,有時我會懷疑,為什麼社交活動和公共關係都涉及很多酒精飲品?經常保持清醒是否不太好呢?我必須嘗試爛醉,有時做我真的不太好, God,阻止我這樣說!!





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ha ha, you don't HAVE to drink at all of them... (except for maybe the ones sponsored by alcohol companies?) :-P
almost 16 years ago
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don't blame on wine...its human makes u drink...i love your sincerirty in evry of ur performance. i know u will be glimour star one day.
almost 16 years ago


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