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I love acting and singing!!! / 我愛演戲, 也愛演唱!!

Hey guys,

Umm... I've takin' some photos wiht my "hero" veteran actors on the set of "開飯"last week. I just don't know how to upload them cos it's in my phone.

Try harder to share it with you all . I haven't shoot a film in such a long time. Really treasure this experience again! Aiya.... Hurry up la! Yan Yan Mak, I'm waiting and waiting for her to shoot our next film. So looking forward to act again!!

I love my singing too! Have to go to do b...Read more

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Had a very hectic day yesterday and today. | 昨天、今天忙得不可開交

Had a very hectic day yesterday and today, I was shooting a short film for director Lee Kung Lok. It’s crazy difficult, 12 minutes not stop, 5 to 6 scenes all in one shot, all handheld or steadycam as we usually call it. No screwing up, but it was so much fun! I totally loved it. I gotta to work with Liu Kai Chi, Fun Ley, a handful of excellent actors and crew, super crazy discipline and super skillful acting and timing techniques. Enjoyed it so much! I havellearnt a lot from everyone today especially...Read more

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Gig on 16th (Metro) and 18th (Quiksilver's show) | 16日(Metro)和18日(Quiksilver)的演出

Today I went to do rehearsals for my gig on 16th (Metro) and 18th

Quiksilver's show, finally have the dates fixed on this show.

Wow....been changing and changing.  Sorry, it wont be change

anymore.  I love rehearsals, I always have a blast on rehearsals,

it's just so much fun and so comfortable at the band room with your

buddies.  Skot my bass player is gone, I kinda miss having him

around.  We have Cookie now, he'...Read more

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Thanks again for everyone's comliment!! | 再次感謝各位的贊美!!

Thanks Thx thx again for everyone’s compliment about my acting. hehe…….

I’m eager to work again in films, it’s been a year since I last shot anything. Looking for good material at the moment.


I know I’m gonna work with dir. “Lee Kung Lok” on a short film on the 11 th + 12 th. It’s an “esemble”, great actors too. I’ll keep my eyes open, time to learn from veterans!! Then I have the Metro Radio Gig, then Quiksilver on 18 th now. Finally, our dates are set!!


...Read more

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Today is kinda calm and chilled | 今天很悠閑

Today is kinda calm and chilled since Paul Wong had to take his own studio back for practise, I am pretty free and I have been going through loads and loads of scrīpts. And had dinner with my old friends! Talked about starting some new projects in films. Think its gonna happen, can’t tell you what it is now but you will know if it does happen around November. Anyway, I heard YanYan Mak is going to soot our new film with Tin Yuen. Happy to work with both of her again. Um don’t know if we finally get Mavis fan or not in ...Read more

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Gangster bitch got compliments!!! Yeh yeh yeh!|演女黑幫得到贊許!!!

Gangster bitch got compliments!!!!  Yeh yeh yeh!My friend just sent me reviews from this website:

http://www.salon.com/ent/movies/review/2007/08/31/exiled/ ,it saids somethin good about my character in Exile. It made my day!


So happy I met up with Director Kenny B and Jaycee Chan again two days ago to do interviews for our new film that's coming up "The Drummer".  Check out ...Read more

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There’ll be two gigs in Sept at least! Yeh!!!! | 9月至少有兩場演出! Yeh!!!!

Hey Hey,

Thanks again for everyone’s blessing. I’ve already started on our 4 th song “Floating Flower (浮花)” . Hope to get it done tonight! Gotto run now.


By the ways, there’ll be two gigs in Sept at least! Yeh!!!!




|   嘿,再次感謝大家的祝願。我已經開始錄第四首歌”浮花”。希望今晚能完成!現在得走了。

另外,9月至少有兩場演出! Yeh!!!!


|  嘿,再次感谢大家的祝愿。我已经开始录第四首歌”浮花”。希望今晚能完成!现在得走了。

另外,9月至少有兩场演出! Yeh!!!!


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Thanks for all your blessing!! | 感謝大家的祝福!

Thanks for all your blessing! My condition has improved a lot, really appreciated it! Still isn't perfect but I'm gonna give it a try at P room tonight! Audio Traffic's Don and Paul Wong and Ah Sik from “Sonic Temple” has worked on one of my songs last weekend, sounds crazy cool! Johnny form Family wrote the song and it's just the perfect match. I'm really excited whether or not my voice is good, I'm so excited, um………. Jumpin’!!

P.S. Thanks again for your blessings!!

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Still recording everynight | 每晚都還在錄音

Good morning! Still recording everynight. (Till night) Not very happy about living like an owl, I feel like a vampire. But one with really really bad alleries. Taking medicine (anti-histamine) is killing my voice. I don’t know if it’s just me or there’s just a lot of dust in the air this month. Damn!! Just frustrated that I can keep myself in a good form when I have time to.


I really need health now!! Urrr………


dydy and winnie, thanks for dropping by yesterday.


PeaceRead more

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I'm much more fond of dogs | 我更喜歡狗

Hey Guys,

Of course you can call me anything you like as long as it’s friendly. Btw, Andrew Lin, you’re very naughty! I’m not even mature enough for myself, how can I manage little kids? Actually talkin’ about it, is pretty funny!! (girls usually like to play with new born babies but I really don’t feel for little babies at all.


I’m much more fond of dogs, I was so happy when my shi tsu “beenbeen” give birth, “Godshh….!! I’m a grandma now!” I think I can communicate better with dogs, they’re ...Read more

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